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Friday, December 14, 2018

The Booster Gold Revenge Squad

Continuing Monday's discussion of who I would put in Booster Gold's rogues gallery: Booster Gold is unique among DC's heroes because his "secret" identity is also heroic. Booster hides his job as multiverse-spanning Time Master behind his public persona of glory-hogging Justice Leaguer. That means that he needs two sets of rogues, one to oppose each role.

When considering who I would include in either set of Booster's foes, I focused on characters who thematically matched Booster's personality, history, skills, and ideals. I generally gave extra weight to characters Booster has some experience with in the past, but I didn't let that get in the way of two who have never appeared in the same comic as our hero but make great foils to contrast Booster's greatest flaws.

Presented in alphabetical order, these are my top six suggestions to comprise the Rogues Gallery of Booster Gold, time-traveling member of the Justice League.

Broderick, Duela Dent, Maxwell Lord, Royal Flush Gang, Sportsmaster, T.O. Morrow
Broderick, Duela Dent, Maxwell Lord, Royal Flush Gang, Sportsmaster, T.O. Morrow

Broderick. Most super villains are obsessed with their heroes, and who has more cause to hate Bootser Gold than a federal agent from the future who pursed criminal Michael Jon "Booster" Carter into the present and got stuck here? Watching Booster rise to fame and fortune while he was locked away from friends and family... that sounds to me like a good reason to hold a grudge.

Duela Dent, aka The Joker's Daughter. In many ways, Duela is the anti-Micheal Jon Carter. Just as Booster models himself after the 20th-century heroes he idolized, she is obsessed with villains and has gone out of her way to associate herself with them in a desperate need for acceptance and validation. I think she would be ideal for an ongoing character study of Booster's more questionable psychological and ethical motivations. (While the New 52 has made Duela darker, I don't see why Rebirth couldn't mover her closer to her multiverse-spanning pre-Flashpoint origins.)

Maxwell Lord. Corporate raider, employer, rival, murderer, manipulator: for so many reasons, Max should be Booster's arch nemesis in any timeline.

Royal Flush Gang. Booster's first Justice League foes are a visual symbol of Booster's greatest mistake: the gamble that nearly ruined his life. They'll always be associated with Booster Gold, and they always should be.

Sportsmaster: Stop me if this sounds familiar: Lawrence "Crusher" Crock was a brilliant athlete who cheated at football and turned to theft. Just as Duela darkly reflects Booster's psychology, Sportsmaster is a cautionary tale about his actual life choices. What do you do when confronted with someone who has made all the same choices as you did but turned out wrong? Sportsmaster could be Booster's own reclamation project.

T.O. Morrow. Best known as the father of the Red Tornado, T.O. Morrow invented a television that allowed him to see into the future and use its technology to lead a life of crime and triumph over the Justice League itself. Not only has Morrow tangentially crossed paths with Booster on many occasions over the years, he is capable of understanding Booster's "past" and using it against him to gain leverage in his criminal enterprises going forward.

Those are my top picks. Who have I missed? Who would you have chosen instead?

We'll discuss my choices for villains to battle Booster Gold in his more important (and far less public) role as a Time Master next week.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Better Sports Through Advertising

On first glance, I was certain that someone had just gotten the color separations wrong on this officially licensed, sponsor-laden jersey for the Connacht Rugby team. Green might be the color of money, but sponsorship patches belong only on the uniform of Booster Gold!

Connacht Rugby Green Lantern jersey

However, I can't be too disappointed. Connacht is an Irish team, and green is their primary color. If Green Lantern wants to sell out for cash, Connacht seems like a fine place to do it.

If you like what you see, the jersey is for sale at

(Other teams have a couple of Batman jerseys. You can see them at

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

I'd Buy That For a Dollar

No one voted "team player." Is it any wonder that the New 52 Justice League International disbanded under his leadership?

Last week's poll question: Which soccer position would Booster Gold play? (36 votes)

Which soccer position would Booster Gold play?

I said yesterday that I'd be willing to buy two copies of each issue of a Booster Gold series if only DC would make one. I wasn't kidding. Am I alone?

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

World Cup Fever

Futures End seems to be selling very well for DC. If 40% of their audience is buying it, the company must be very happy, indeed. How long untill all their titles are weekly?

Last week's poll question: Do you plan on buying the rest of FUTURES END? (55 votes)

Do you plan on buying the rest of FUTURES END?

The World Cup quarterfinals start tomorrow. While the international version of football — what we American call "soccer" — isn't my preferred type of football, I can appreciate that it might be someone else's. Which brings us to today's poll:

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

I Could Quit Any Time I Wanted

As Mel Brooks once said, "hope for the best, expect the worst."

Last week's poll question: Do you think we will see Booster Gold reappear in the DCnU before 2014? (47 votes)

Do you think we will see Booster Gold reappear in the DCnU before 2014?

With the American football season less than a month away, those who enjoy to gamble on the sport are already sharpening their skills with around the clock media coverage. Do you think that includes Booster Gold?

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