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Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Site Updates

Several changes to Boosterrific over the weekend. Most were minor and won't be noticed by anyone. However, the advertisements and reprint collections have been split out of Out of Continuity list and given their own lists. (Ads here and trades here.) Hopefully, this will make the information that people want to see more easily accessible, especially as Boosterrific becomes more aggressive in categorizing and cataloging Booster Gold appearances.

DC Introduces Booster Gold

On an entirely related note, remember that Boosterrific is always looking to expand the database of Booster Gold advertisements. If you come across an appearance of Booster in a comic book, drop a line to webmaster at If you find a publication not already in the database, you'll get credit on the site. Known advertisements including Booster Gold are for the first appearance of Booster Gold (1985), Who's Who Update (1987), Armageddon 2001 (1991), Eclipso: The Darkness Within (1992), AIDS public service announcements (1993-1994), DC subscription ads (1995?), and Booster Gold Volume 2 (2006). Booster may have also appeared in ads for Millennium (1988), so keep your eyes open in any post-Crisis DC comics. Thanks!

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Boosterrific Needs Your Help!

DC Introduces Booster Gold

I've decided I need to add all issues from 1985-1986 containing DC house advertisements for the original Booster Gold series to the database here at Boosterrific. (It was an early decision not to include them, and I'm just now reversing myself.) I know that the ad was a DC house ad that ran in books cover-dated February 1986. However, I don't know if it ran in every book that month. For example, the DC house ad on page 12 of Booster Gold #1 that month was for 'Mazing Man. Therefore, I need to put my hands on every book released that month and confirm its presence. The following books have been confirmed to carry the house ad:

If anyone of you out there reading this were to come across any other issues, please let me know. You will, of course, receive proper credit for any instances that you turn up that are not already in the database. Thanks for the help.

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