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Friday, April 25, 2014

Booster Gold Is Over Powered

Booster Gold may not be in Warner Brothers Interactive's Infinite Crisis MOBA video game, but it appears that his power suit is.

Booster Gold's Power Suit at

The details above come from, but the discussion seems to be in the game's official forum. Some think it's too powerful, others, not so much. At least one gamer named Lyri is standing up for our favorite golden gladiator:

Booster Gold is super strong.

Perfect on most heroes with a dive like AWW, Shazam, Aquaman etc, amazing synergy with heroes like Ivy Prime, WonderWoman and fills an amazing role as AD defence.

I honestly feel this item is just too good and should be mostly gotten on anybody.

"Mostly gotten on anybody"? I couldn't disagree more. Booster Gold should be gotten on everybody!

To decipher some of the above acronyms, "MOBA" stands for "Multiplayer Online Battle Arena," "AD" stands for "Attack Damage" and "AWW" stands for "Atomic Wonder Woman." If you don't know what an "Atomic Wonder Woman" is, Infinite Crisis might not be your kind of game.

Otherwise, Infinite Crisis is now in open beta development. Join the fight for free at

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