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Monday, January 22, 2024

An Earned Vacation

Booster Gold was all over DC's solicitations for March last month, so let's not be too panicky that he's nowhere to be found in the April solicitations released last week (which you can read yourself at Our hero has earned a Spring break.

On an unrelated note, just weeks after Cort shared his Boosterrific John McCrea commission with us, DC is soliciting for an omnibus of the 1990s Garth Ennis/McCrae collaboration Hitman. Booster and Tommy "Hitman" Monaghan only crossed paths once (in Bloodlines #2), so don't expect to find him in there. But if you liked the style of McCrea's sketch, you'll find more to like in Hitman.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Christmas Present from Cort

Cort Carpenter sent me an email full of his best holiday wishes, and even better, he attached his latest addition to his Booster Gold Sketchbook:

Booster Gold by John McCrea for Cort Carpenter

Even if it wasn't signed, that piece is pretty obviously by John McCrea, co-creator of DC's Hitman.

Cort usually requests his commissions include Booster Gold's fabulous high collar, but this time McCrea even included the original hollow star and the bulbs on the end of Skeets' fins. Boosterrific!

Thanks, Cort!

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