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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Comics Beat Says Do Not Panic

The latest "DC Comics Month-to-Month Sales" column by Marc-Oliver Frisch at is not nearly as pessimistic about recent Booster Gold sales as I was last week.

Comics Beat notes the accelerating month-to-month decrease in sales of 1.5% for July, 2.5% for August, and 3.1% for August, but attributes it to "standard attrition." Their numbers also provide a good comparison against other sinking titles like Power Girl and Red Robin, other middling books showing similar sales trends. So maybe Booster shouldn't be taking the slumping sales personally.

It's also worth remembering that no matter what we fear, Booster Gold is still selling many, many more issues than Batman Confidential, Jonah Hex, and R.E.B.E.L.S., none of which DC seems prepared to axe just yet.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Ice Cold Sales

New week, new attitude.

I'm now over my hatred for Justice League: Generation Lost #12. It seems clear that there is a generational divide on this issue: long-time JLA readers felt betrayed but younger fans enjoyed the story. Since the industry really needs all the new blood that it can get (and opposing the change has done nothing other than make me feel old), maybe it's time to embrace the change. Especially since Marc-Oliver Frisch's latest 6 months sales reviews of DC Comics at Comics indicated that recent across-the-board sales were about as bad as it gets.

If letting a hack like Judd Winick make Ice a patricidal amnesiac increases sales for a series that I otherwise enjoyed, I should probably either quit reading comics or quit my bitching and get on board the bandwagon. It's a new 52-verse, and if Booster can be reborn with a new purpose, so can Ice. Maybe the change can earn a little buzz and drive some sales.

See? Like Booster, I can be a team player when I have to be.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sales Trends Continued

In continuing the discussion of sales over time for DC titles, you may be interested in this article over at Each month The Beat runs a wrap up of month-to-month sales trends that are both illuminating and quite frequently baffling and surprisingly pleasing.

Of course the big industry discussion right now is the sudden lack of sales across the board for August. (More details here, here, and here.) Whether this is due to bad economy + high book prices, buyer fatigue, or the lack of a current mega-event (love 'em or hate 'em, they do drive sales across the board because we fans really are sheep), sales are dead flat.

Rumor has it that Warner Brothers is planning a big restructuring of DC in the immediate future, so don't be surprised if DC responds to this crisis by exploding into other media (movies, television, video games, underoos, etc.).

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Note on Sales just ran an article ("DC Comics Month-to-Month Sales: June 2010") by Marc Oliver-Frisch looking at sales trends across all DC Comics titles. As I was reading over it, I noticed that although Booster Gold is already on the below-average side of the sales bell-curve and trending downward, DC's recent cancellation threshold appears to be much lower than I had previously predicted. Instead of 10,000 copies per month, the threshold lately looks more like it may be as low as 7,000 copies per month. That's probably terrible for the state of the industry, but great news for Booster Gold. That gives the title even more time to turn it around, especially as it is still selling pretty constantly around 20,000 copies per month, roughly equal to the other second-tier heroes titles such as The Outsiders, Power Girl, and Secret Six. That's not such bad company, really.

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