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Monday, August 29, 2011

Blame Canada

According to Rich Johnson of Bleeding Cool, it was announced at the August 26th Fan Expo Canada "Flashpoint Friday" panel that Booster Gold will be the Canadian member of the upcoming Justice League International.

Let that sink in. A Canadian. Because the first things that come to mind when you think Canada is "selfishness" and "self-promotion."

Blame Canada

Does this change anything significant about Booster's character? No, not really. It's just a little weird to think that Booster Gold, the Capitalist Crusader, will be Canadian in the DCnU, eh.

It's hard to believe that this wasn't just panelists Brian Azzarello, Eddie Berganza, Andy Kubert, Francis Manapul, and James Robinson playing up to the local crowd. We'll find out the truth soon enough: Justice League International #1 is less than 2 weeks away.

UPDATE 08/29/11: Jobu popped into the Boosterrific Forum to note the following.

One of the panelists (I was far back) replied "actually, I think you guys will be thrilled to know that in the DCnU one of heroes will now be Canadian". They batted around "can we tell them?" for a bit and then said it was Booster Gold. The crowd cheered and clapped, but I just assumed it was joke and nothing more.

The next day at the New 52 panel, I was rocking my Booster Gold fan club T-shirt when a question came up about the JLI and Dan DiDio once again said Booster would be Canadian. He said it with a totally straight face and wasn't playing for applause so maybe there's some truth to this rumour?

So they're serious then? Of all the characters to make Canadian... Booster Gold, a hero disgraced playing college football, named by Ronald Reagan, who wears a star on his chest? Thanks for the update, Jobu.

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