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Friday, May 19, 2023

My Favorite Pages: Millennium 1

My Favorite Pages

Last week's featured book, Booster Gold #23, was just one of three comics with significant Booster Gold content released on September 15, 1987.

The second is Millennium #1, the first entry in a months-long event that would span the entire DC Universe. If you are familiar with Millennium, you are probably aware that it is... not especially beloved, largely because of the editorial mandate that each series being published had to tie-in, often in the most ham-fisted ways possible.

Especially in relation to Booster Gold.

But that's not the topic at hand. Even misguided comics can have fun pages. A highlight of events like these is always seeing all the heroes milling around as though they were regular partygoers at a costume party, like this crowd scene from page 14.

© DC Comics

It's actually kind of difficult to make these overcrowded group shots work as anything other than a class photo, but here artist Joe Staton and letterer Bob Lappan manage to give the scene some life as the dialog trickles back and forth down the page. Each snippet of conversation gives the impression that we're eavesdropping on natural dialog just as the camera comes to focus on the talker (or thinker, as the case may be).

Most importantly, Booster boosters are guaranteed to enjoy a callback to the running joke of people calling our hero "Buster." It's a classic!

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Buster Gold Swag

From a branding standpoint, the biggest problem with Booster Gold's costume is that it's awfully hard to trademark a simple 5-pointed star polygon. While that's bad for Goldstar International, it's good for people who want to sell unlicensed Booster Gold t-shirts.

Booster Gold is absolutely © DC Comics

Those are shirts available on, a website devoted to allowing independent artists to merchandise their work. Hmm. Some of those pieces sure do look awfully similar to work owned by DC Comics.

Be careful, artists. While Booster might own the hearts (and wallets) of his fans, DC Comics owns him. American intellectual property and copyright laws allow some leeway for commentary and craftsmen, but they're specifically designed to prevent you from making money selling someone else's idea. If you want to sell a shirt referencing Booster Gold, be clever about it.

Or just sell a t-shirt with a star on it. There's not a lot anyone can do about that.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Buster Gold, The Future Banana

I don't speak Spanish, but I know gold when I see it.

Booster Gold by Jeremias Janikow

According to the Spanish-language website of the Argentine illustrator Jeremias Janikow, this sketch is of "Buster Gold (el banana del futuro)." With a subtitle like that, I have to suspect that calling Booster "Buster" is an intentional slight. Poor Booster. No respect even in Argentina.

When I first spotted this image, I had no idea what "mate cocido" was. According to Wikipedia, I now know that it is a tea-like drink prepared from the yerba mate plant that is popular in South America. The things that you learn running a Booster Gold fansite!

This is just one of several exceptional superheroes sketches by Janikow that can be found on Janikow Blog!. Thanks to The Day the Web Stood Stupid for drawing this tasty art to our attention.

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