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It has been 66 Days since Booster Gold last appeared in a DCnU comic book.

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Oh, Boy, What Could Have Been

Yesterday, I asked you what series you would base a Booster Gold television show on. I didn't tell you what DC Comics wants, but according to author Brian Keene, DC wants "Quantam Leap meets Doctor Who."

No doubt you remember that earlier this year author Brian Keene announced that he had turned down the opportunity to work on a Booster Gold comic book for DC Comics. Now Keene has given us his pitch:

THE PROBLEM: Booster Gold doesn't fit in the New52. The most prominent reason for this is because readers don't yet have a sense of history for the New52. They've seen only glimpses of its past and future. Booster is a time-traveler. That rich sense of history is what should inform him and drive him, allowing readers to identify with him. All of that is missing. I propose that Booster and the readers discover that history together.

THE FIX: So far, Booster has been seen uncontrollably phasing in and out of time. (It's been hinted this might be the doing of Rip Hunter). What if, each time he jumps from one time period to another, Booster loses a little more of his memory, to the point where he becomes an amnesiac? As his journey toward self-discovery then begins, so does the reader's connection with him — and thus, we have a broad tapestry in which to explore this character in ways we never have before, while simultaneously exploring the history of the New52.

That's just the synopsis. You can read the whole pitch, including plot outlines for the first six issues on

Thanks to Morgenstern for sharing this news in the Boosteriffic Forum.

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Good Help Is Hard to Find

So, so much to be disappointed about in 2013.

Last Week's poll question: What are you most disappointed that you did not see Booster Gold doing in 2013? (45 votes)

What are you most disappointed that you did not see Booster Gold doing in 2013?

Maybe you heard — perhaps either from Russ Burlingame at or from MetalWoman in our own Boosterrific Forum — the news earlier this week that novelist Brian Keene had been asked to "do something with Booster Gold," an invitation that he had to refuse. You may recall that Jeff Katz worked in movies before working with Geoff Johns on Booster Gold Volume 2. How do we feel about another industry outsider writing Booster Gold comics?

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