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Monday, July 8, 2024

Pot and Kettle

If you've not been paying any attention to Absolute Power (mild spoilers ahead), we learned in May's Absolute Power FCBD Special Edition #1 that a former Justice Leaguer has pulled a Benedict Arnold and turned against his former friends. That ally (and this is the spoilery bit) is Green Arrow, and we learn in last week's Absolute Power #1 that (even more spoilery) he joined Amanda Waller's new world dictatorship willingly.

The betrayal here is pretty severe, as Green Arrow was the first non-founding Justice Leaguer to join the team, signing up "for life" in Justice League of America #4 (May 1961). It's hard to imagine that such a longstanding hero won't eventually turn out to be a double agent, working against Waller from the inside. Which is why when I read Green Lantern reading Batman the riot act in Absolute Power #1 last week, I immediately thought of Booster Gold, specifically Booster Gold in 1987's Millennium #7:

© DC Comics

Hmm. That broody guy in the green hood casting aspersions about Booster sure looks familiar. Maybe it's the mustache.

It took a few months for the dust to settle around Booster, but eventually it did. I'm sure one day everyone will forget about Arrow's betrayal, too.

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