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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

New Old Release: World's Funnest

In a delayed reaction to Bat-Mite's return to the New 52 DCnU (and as an odd counterpoint to the super-serious Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice now in theaters), today DC Comics is releasing World's Funnest, a trade paperback (TPB) collection of past stories featuring both Bat-Mite and Mr. Mxyzptlk.

The listing for this issue indicates that Booster Gold will play a "Starring" role in this trade. Honestly, it would be stretching the truth to say he even has a cameo appearance. DC's solicitations play coy with the issue's contents, but the listing for the 296-page trade identifies that it will contain portions of the following comics:

Superman and Batman: World's Funnest #1 (2000)
Batman: Mitefall #1 (1995)
Batman and Superman: World's Finest #6 (1999)
Superman/Batman #51-52 (2008)
The Brave and the Bold #200 (1983)
Detective Comics #267 (1959)
Detective Comics #482 (1979)
Superman, vol. 1, #30 (1944)
Superman, vol. 2, #11 (1987)
Superman, vol. 2, #31 (1989)
World's Finest, vol. 1, #113 (1960)
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #38 (1992)

You'll note that Dan Jurgens' recent Bat-Mite series with its "Black Gold" guest star is not included. That means that Booster Gold's appearances in this trade are limited to a single panel!

© DC Comics

Don't get me wrong, I'm not discouraging anyone from picking up this book. I've always been a fan of fun comics, and I particularly enjoy the ridiculous adventures of Silver Age Bat-Mite. I'm just advising that you go to your Local Comic Shop and pick-up this collection for the humor, not the Booster Gold.

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Friday, February 19, 2016

I Hope You Enjoyed Bat-Mite

Did you pick up the Bat-Mite trade on Wednesday? If not, what are you saving your money for? It certainly isn't for Booster Gold comics, because DC isn't making those.

May solicitations were revealed earlier this week. If you read the previous paragraph, you can guess what that means: no new Gold in sight.

While Booster doesn't look to be having any new adventures in May, he will be returning in reprints of some of our old favorites. DC will be re-releasing trades of 52 Book One and Superman: Panic in the Sky, both collecting comics published about 10 or 24 years ago, respectively.

Maybe DC has a point. Why should they work on making new Booster Gold comics when they already have a back catalog of great stories to sell to today's kids too young to remember the good old days? Kids still read comics, right?

You can find the whole list of DC's solicitations at

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

New Releases: Bat-Mite TPB

If for some reason you passed on Dan Jurgens' Bat-Mite mini-series, you missed some very entertaining Booster Gold misadventures. Fortunately for you, the collected trade hits store shelves today, so there's still time for you to enjoy the exploits of "Black Gold."

© DC Comics

The $14.99 trade collects all six issues of the mini-series as well as the post-Convergence "Sneak Peek." Lucky you.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New Release: Bat-Mite #4

Booster Gold fans rejoice! Our hero, the gilded guardian of time, and his sentient sidekick, Skeets, return to action today when they join forces with that mini munchkin of mayhem, Bat-Mite! Evildoers beware, the team of Mite and Gold are on the case!

*Ahem.* (All that bubbly sort of goes straight to your head, doesn't it?)

You'll find Bat-Mite #4 in your Local Comic Shop today. Buy it and make Skeets happy.

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Monday, August 31, 2015

New 52 Skeets Looks Like Batman

I usually save previews for Wednesdays, but I thought since we've been in a bit of a Booster Gold drought since Convergence, I'd go ahead and post a link to's preview of this week's Bat-Mite #4.

© DC Comics

I'm sure it's not my imagination that Skeets is starting to look like a golden, robotic Batman. Though, to be fair, this is a "Batman Family" title. Loosely.

Bat-Mite #4 will be released this Wednesday.

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