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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

This Day in History: First Responders

Released on July 17, 1986: Booster Gold #9.

© DC Comics

In which Booster Gold and Skeets (and the Legion of Super-Heroes) foil an attempted presidential assassination.

UPDATE: Our Hero also makes an appearance in this week's Superman #16, an Absolute Power tie-in. Buy this issue and make Skeets happy!

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Monday, July 8, 2024

Pot and Kettle

If you've not been paying any attention to Absolute Power (mild spoilers ahead), we learned in May's Absolute Power FCBD Special Edition #1 that a former Justice Leaguer has pulled a Benedict Arnold and turned against his former friends. That ally (and this is the spoilery bit) is Green Arrow, and we learn in last week's Absolute Power #1 that (even more spoilery) he joined Amanda Waller's new world dictatorship willingly.

The betrayal here is pretty severe, as Green Arrow was the first non-founding Justice Leaguer to join the team, signing up "for life" in Justice League of America #4 (May 1961). It's hard to imagine that such a longstanding hero won't eventually turn out to be a double agent, working against Waller from the inside. Which is why when I read Green Lantern reading Batman the riot act in Absolute Power #1 last week, I immediately thought of Booster Gold, specifically Booster Gold in 1987's Millennium #7:

© DC Comics

Hmm. That broody guy in the green hood casting aspersions about Booster sure looks familiar. Maybe it's the mustache.

It took a few months for the dust to settle around Booster, but eventually it did. I'm sure one day everyone will forget about Arrow's betrayal, too.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Just Like Old Times

Reminder to everyone: After moving to Tuesdays during the pandemic, DC is back to Wednesday releases starting today.

This would be bigger news if there was a Booster Gold comic coming out today, but today also marks the official start of DC's annual event, "Absolute Power," and unless our hero puts in a cameo in one of the many, many tie-ins (34 and counting so far!), we're not expecting him to make his appearance in that until Wonder Woman #13 in September. ["We" were wrong. See update below.]

So you'll have to find something else to enjoy this New Comic Day. May I suggest those sweet Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez turnaround alternate artist spotlight covers on Batman and Shazam? Or the Kevin Maguire variant cover for Kurt Busiek's new comic? Or Geoff John's long awaited JSA #10?

But I don't need to tell you. If you're reading Boosterrific!, you love comics. I'm sure you will find yourself something to read.

UPDATE: As Rob Snow has pointed out to me, Booster Gold is seen on multiple pages in today's Absolute Power #1. Hooray!

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Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Winners Don't Do Drugs

When I arrived at my Local Comic Shop yesterday, the manager greeted me at the door and asked if I wanted a copy of DC's Free Comic Book Day offering, Absolute Power.

See, I had intentionally skipped Free Comic Book Day festivities on Saturday because A) I already buy plenty (read: too many) of comics so I always feel like I should let the "free" (to customers) comics do as they are intended and entice non-regular customers into the store ("the first one is free" they say with a smile), and B) I don't like crowds.

It's not uncommon for the manager to ask whether I want to pick up a "hot" new book, and I gave him my usual answer, "No, not unless Booster Gold is in it."

To which my LCS manager responded, "I have no idea whether he is or not. I didn't get a chance to read any of the Free Comic Book Day books yet." Which I interpreted to mean that the Free Comic Book Day books did their job. Which is great. Comic books need readers!

Anyway, long story short, Booster Gold is definitely not in what is officially titled Absolute Power 2024 FCBD Special Edition 1. To the best of my knowledge, the only comic you'll find Booster Gold in this week is the updated re-release of the 52 Volume 1 reprint collection. It might not be free, but it is very good. And that's about the best you can hope for fifty-one weeks out of the year.

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