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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Release: Trinity of Sin: Pandora #1

When the Justice League fights the Justice League and the Justice League, who will win? (Hint: it's the Justice League.)

The prelude to Trinity War officially kicks off today in Trinity of Sin: Pandora #1. Pandora is the mysterious character inexplicably seen (but never explained) in the final panels of Flashpoint. Are we finally going to learn what caused her to create the post-Flashpoint DCnU? Will her story make Flashpoint make any sense? Will this event justify the existence of three Justice League titles? And most importantly, what role will Booster Gold play in the Trinity War?

Booster Gold in Trinity of Sin: Pandora #1

Booster appears in the two-page spread teaser for the issue that DC released last month, so he will be in this issue, at least as a flashback to Justice League International, Volume 3, #1. Will this be the start of Booster's big return to the DCnU? Or will he be relegated to the same limbo as Captain Atom, Resurrection Man, and Voodoo?

The answers to these questions and more begin in Trinity of Sin: Pandora #1, on sale today!

[UPDATE 2013-07-03: False alarm. Although explicitly described "this incredible spread from the series' debut issue," the pages DO NOT appear in Trinity of Sin: Pandora #1.]

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