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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Much Ado about Nothing

Some days, like when we know there's a comic book with a Booster Gold appearance coming out, it's easy to come up with content for the Boosterrific Blog. Other days, like today, it's harder.

I'm sure I could dig up something. (The Internet is a big place.) But today I don't really feel like putting in the necessary effort. So in fairness to you, dear reader, let me explain why.

This blog was created for two reasons:

1) as a catch-all for noteworthy Booster Gold news and events that don't qualify to be cataloged elsewhere on this site, and

2) to provide a regular dose of new content to drive site traffic so that traffic can be monetized.

Since no longer serves any paying ads (admittedly in part because I was never able to create enough clickbait to generate enough site traffic to make that effort worthwhile), driving up visitor metrics isn't much of a motivator for me anymore.

That leaves me with only reason 1. And today, I'm not seeing any Booster Gold news or events that I consider noteworthy. Sure, there's yet another new rumor out there about the long-in-the-works "Booster Gold" television show's writing staff, but I prefer to leave the rumormongering to others.

Maybe things will be different next week. In the meantime, thanks for visiting.

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