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Monday, April 29, 2024

Look! A Silver Green Lantern Ooshie

In 2018, the Blot introduced us to the Booster Gold Ooshie.

Now Blot is back with more "Booshie" news!

So a few years ago I wrote in to tell you about the Booster Gold Ooshies figure, which was included in the DC Comics Ooshies line of collectible pencil / pen toppers. What I didn't know until recently is they also released two exclusive variants. So technically there are some new production Booster Gold figures in the world!

© DC Comics

The Gold Booster was exclusive to the 2022 DC Oooshies Advent Calendar, which as best as I can tell was sold exclusively at Big Lots. While I was trying to find that figure on eBay I also stumbled upon the Silver Booster, but can’t find any information about it. This one was misnamed by a seller in China, possibly coming off the factory floor as a sample. Can't find any series or sets that included a silver Booster Gold. Happy hunting to all the Booster Gold collectors out there wanting to add these to their collections!

Looking back at other Ooshie offerings, it seems they offered rare "titanium" chase variants of some figures, so maybe that explains the silver treatment?

Whatever the case, I'm not particularly surprised that a Chinese eBay seller didn't recognize The Greatest Hero You've Never Heard Of. Good find, Blot!

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