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Friday, December 11, 2020

Keep Your Goodfellas Close

$5M Heist at JFK

On this day in 1978, a gang of criminals broke into JFK Airport in New York City and stole nearly six million dollars in cash and jewelry from a Lufthansa cargo terminal in a crime that would make a comic book super villain proud.

The audacity of the crime (and the bloody aftermath) have made it legendary. Several movies have been made about the heist and its fallout, including the critically- and audience-acclaimed Goodfellas.

Nearly a dozen people are believed to have been involved in the planning and execution of the crime, but only one was ever convicted for his direct involvement in the robbery. Very little of the money and jewels were ever recovered.

It would be easy for an investigator with access to all of time and space to track down a few robbers and recover the stolen goods, but just because something is easy doesn't always mean it should be done. What if the robbery needed to happen as one event in a series of dominoes leading to a better future? In service to a greater good, could you stand mute to a crime when you knew your silence would result in someone else's death?

Those are the sort of quandaries facing an ethical time traveler. That's got to be a hard thing to live with, even for a Time Master.

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