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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Booster Buddies: Three M

Boosterrific Note: the following brief biographies were sent to me in response to my April 10 post asking for Booster Gold fans to write in and tell us a bit about themselves.

First up is Megan.

I think the concept of this blog is really great. It's a blog that would exist in DC continuity and I find that idea really hilarious. It aligns with the idea of Booster's fame seeking generating an obsessive fanclub. Booster Gold is one of my favourite DC characters. I really love how he grows and matures to become a self sacrificing person. Enjoying the character is how I found this blog and I check it out from time to time because the concept is so entertaining. Thanks for your commitment.

Secondly was this post by M.M., who originally posted this in the comments.

I love this blog. I found it while looking for Booster of course, which I fell in love with at a time in my life where I downloaded comics published before I was born, I don't know why, I just know that Booster had it all, a real personality that I could understand, a curve wonderful learning, time travel and it made me seriously wonder why I don't see more heroes dressing in gold.

Pardon my writing, I am doing this in the time not suitable for all public and helping me with the google translator because I do not trust myself. I'm going to confess that I love this blog, I already said it, but I confess that one of my recurring fears is that something happens to you and I never have the opportunity to say thanks for everything. rereading a comic after you write about why it's great for you makes me feel like it's new to me again.

Thank you both. (Rest assured that I plan to continue posting about Booster Gold for years to come, M.M.)

If anyone else would like to share and/or self-promote, please drop me a line through the Contact Portal or directly at walter(at)

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