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Monday, April 20, 2020

Booster Buddies: Eskana

Boosterrific Note: the following was sent to me in response to my April 10 post asking for Booster Gold fans to write in and tell us a bit about themselves.

Everyone, please welcome Eskana.

Just letting you know that I really enjoy this blog! I found it by accident once when I was searching for Booster Gold... I was so excited to read that there was a Booster Gold blog. I've never seen another blog like it for any other character, and I think it's the best superhero fansite I've seen. Like someone mentioned, you're lucky to have a chance to talk about something you're passionate about... so now I'm going to gush for a second...

I've been a Booster fan for a while... I remember when I was like a tween or early teen, I really enjoyed "Justice League Unlimited" because it would show the characters I already liked and then add in little ones I'd never heard of that I just called "little heroes." The Question and Booster were my favorites (even if Booster only really had one episode.) I really enjoyed Booster's episode because I loved how it showed behind-the-scenes of a superhero battle, and how not every hero gets credit, either from the people he saves or from his colleagues. And I liked how in the end, Booster didn't even tell his colleagues what he did. Just saving people was enough.

I can't remember when I started reading Booster- possibly with Flashpoint or New 52? - but eventually I started getting a hold of issues from his series. I loved everything I read. I loved the idea of a hero who does EVERYTHING but still isn't appreciated, and in fact has to sacrifice even the respect of his peers in order to really do his job. Most heroes, even when the chips are down, still have their friends they can count on. Booster mostly doesn't, and he really can't afford to have that many confidantes if he wants to do his job right. That makes him more than a "little hero." That makes him one of the best.

Over the last couple of years, I got to go even farther back. I knew Ted Kord's fate before I even knew who he was, but it was great to go back to the old JLI and see how they got to be great friends. (I love classic JLI and personally I'd love to see a JLI movie and/or show as a way to introduce these characters.) Then I read "Infinite Crisis" and saw it happen. It left the best for last, in a way... one of the last sets I read was "Generation Lost." All this just showed something unique about Booster that sets him apart.

Unlike the "bigger heroes," Booster Gold grows, and you can see it. He's very different now than when he started. He's also luckily not held back by company mandates, like Batman or Superman. Also, as you've pointed out before, even if in the past it was partly about the fame for Booster, he was always willing to put his life on the line to help people, super-suit or no. It just took him a while to shed the fame-seeking exterior and show the real gold underneath. ;)

Part of me even loves that people IRL don't know who he is... because then you know he's out there, doing his job. Who's Booster Gold? The Greatest Hero You've Never Heard of, that's who.

Thank you, Eskana.

If anyone else would like to share and/or self-promote, please drop me a line through the Contact Portal or directly at walter(at)

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