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Friday, June 21, 2013

Friends in High Places

It is convention season, and as usual some interesting news pops up from time to time at convention panels. Take for example Steve Sunu's coverage of DC's Batman panel at HeroesCon 2013 for

[Jimmy] Palmiotti revealed bringing Booster Gold into "All Star Western" actually came from Dan DiDio. "We just started laughing," Palmiotti recalled of his reaction to the idea. "Dan's suggestion was also to bring Jonah into Gotham. He's the biggest Jonah fan I know. When he gets his chance to put in his two cents, we let him.... There was a Jonah Hex series in the future that was silly way back when and I said I'd rather write him now. Jonah's seeing people on cellphones, thinking girls who aren't wearing much are all hookers. The great thing is -- the thing that people don't know about Dan -- I don't know someone who has a bigger comic collection than Dan DiDio. We all have long boxes, but with Dan, you can actually make a hallway and furniture out of it. He's been really good for us -- at a time when Jonah wasn't selling much, he's always come up with an idea to get us just a little bit more. We even deal with that with 'All Star Western' now."

So there you have it, the reason why Jonah Hex got to keep a low-selling series after Flashpoint is because DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio is a big fan.

If we want Booster back in his own title, we need to get a Booster Gold mega-fan into a corporate office. Hey, wait a second! What have you done for Booster Gold lately, DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns?

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