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Monday, May 27, 2013

New Booster Gold Series Definitely Happening

Saturday, Rich Jonhston posted the following at

Coming out from the Greenest Night celebration last night in Los Angeles for the work of Geoff Johns on Green Lantern, comes the news gathered by some that we are to expect a Booster Gold series in the imminent future from DC Comics.

No word on concept, or creators.

Is there any truth to this rumor? Bleeding Cool does not shy away from admitting that it is full of an unidentified jumble of "news, gossip and rumour." Which category best fits this story?

The veracity of the article was challenged on Twitter, but Johnston defended the statement as "passed by relevant people at DC and DC PR before publication." Defending an unsourced rumor as coming from "relevant people" is probably not the best way to build confidence.

This is not even the first time this year that a new Booster Gold comic has been teased at Bleeding Cool. Whether that makes this news more or less believable is further matter for debate.

I want to believe that it is true (for obvious reasons). Therefore, until DC confirms or denies, I'm going to assume that Booster Gold Volume 3 will be coming to my Local comic Shop later this year.

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