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Booster Gold has encountered 1179 of allies, foes, and supporting players in his neverending fight for truth, justice, and a substantial endorsement deal. Every one is listed in the brief entries on the following pages accessible via the menus below.


Notes about the entries:

Each entry includes a brief biography and an explanation of Booster Gold's involvement with the listed character or event. Images generally reflect Booster's first encounter with that character or team. Each entry contains bold names hyperlinked to pages detailing the instances where the indicated character encountered Booster Gold. Names appearing in CAPITAL LETTERS within an entry have their own, separate entry elsewhere.

Characters are listed alphabetically by first word in their name or the name of their team. Characters who use no codename are listed by their last name (when known). Events are listed by the name conventionally associated with the event.

Team memberships represent members of those teams who have come into contact with Booster Gold while members of the respective team, not necessarily historically accurate team rosters. Group memberships, such as the "Heroes of Armageddon 2001," represent heroes who assembled to confront the indicated event and who are meeting Booster Gold for the first time during that crisis.

First appearances given mark the first appearance of a character in the post-Crisis on Infinite Earths DC Universe, not necessarily the first published appearance of a character. This applies both to original DC Comics characters and characters originating elsewhere before being introduced to their continuity (e.g. Charlton Comics).



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