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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Boostle Isn't a Word We Use Around Here

Over at Yahoo! Answers, Rachel has asked a very important question:

"How close are Booster Gold and Blue Beetle really?"

Micheal Jon Carter ("Booster Gold") and Ted Kord ("Blue Beetle") have over the past 25 years been teammates, rivals, and business partners, but most significantly friends. Both share the tragic loss of significant business fortunes. Booster supported Beetle through his battle with obesity and nursed him through a coma. Beetle stood up for Booster time and again against criticism of Booster's motives and maturity. Each is everything that the other could ask for in a friend.

Yes, of course they're friends. But what Rachel is really asking is whether Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are lovers.

Comic book readers recognize the pair from years of Justice League International adventures. Internet readers, however, are probably more familiar with the duo as the two-halves of the portmanteau "Boostle," or a very particular sub-genre of romantic fan fiction (itself called "slash fiction") portraying the friends as homosexual lovers.

Here at, I try to avoid the Boostle phenomenon. While I have nothing against fan fiction, and I whole-heartedly support anything that would bring Booster Gold to a larger audience, is a chronicle of the adventures of a character owned and published by DC Comics. And in DC Comics' comics, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are most certainly not romantically entwined.

© DC Comics

I've wondered from time to time if I'm doing Booster Gold fandom a disservice by ignoring the Boostle community. I justify my decision by saying that even a site striving to be as all-encompassing as has to draw the line somewhere. Certainly, the Boostle-ers don't need this site to have their fun.

Therefore, Rachel, to answer your question, until such time as DC Comics officially sanctions a romantic relationship between Blue and Gold by including it in their published canon, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are really just friends so far as is concerned. Really, really good friends.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Unique Opportunity Facing SyFy's Booster Gold

L. Vincent Poupard has written an article for Yahoo TV detailing the "Unique Challenges Facing Syfy's 'Booster Gold'." Among the issues that Poupard lists are the fact that Booster is a newer, relatively unknown character with no actual super powers. It strikes me that those same factors are not liabilities but assets.

Booster Gold has been around for 35 years, which is the same age that Wonder Woman was when Lynda Carter donned her tights for television. Superman was only 2 when he got his first radio show. That allowed the shows's writers some leeway in inventing the character's adventures. This also let an inexperienced audience to grow along with the Man of Steel. Many of the elements of that show eventually found their way into Superman's comics, and have served Superman well for decades since.

Having no super powers shouldn't be a detriment to a super heroic television show, either. Fans of police shows already know that nothing adds drama like life-threatening situations for the protagonists. Without super powers, Booster is as mortal as anyone else. That eliminates the needs for plot devices like Kryptonite or complicated death traps. Better still, it makes Booster more relatable to an audience which also must deal with moral choices and physical limitations.

Yes, there are unique challenges facing a Booster Gold television show. No television budget -- on SyFy or anywhere else -- can reproduce the work of the artists that have given us alien invasions, Vanishing Point, or even flying robot sidekicks. Considering that Michael Jon Carter is both gambler and thief who is selfish and conceited, will audiences even want to see a show about a self-appointed "hero" whose moral compass doesn't always point north?

Accepting these facts allows us to prepare for the changes needed for Booster to succeed on television. As the character himself has proven, one man's liabilities can become his own opportunities. If any character can overcome his own hurdles to stardom, it would be Booster Gold.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What is Good About Booster Gold?

Over at Yahoo! Answers, someone has asked the question "what is good about Booster Gold?" Of course, my answer would be "everything," but I'm sure that a more discerning responder may be able to think of a more specific and enlightening response.

The only answer so far is that Booster is "something like a hybrid of superman and a mage," which while not being technically accurate, is a pretty damn entertaining answer.

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