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Monday, May 13, 2019

Booster Gold Has the Best Everything

Booster booster CDN points our attention to a YouTube video from, where Booster Gold has managed to make his way near the top of another list, this time for comics characters with the best motivations.

Booster Gold starts near the 8:00 minute mark

It seems to me that despite not having his own comic, Booster Gold appears to be pretty well known and much more widely respected these days than in years past. That's probably thanks mostly to his being included prominently in recent Batman and Justice League cartoons in his "Greatest Hero You've Never Heard Of" time policeman persona.

To think that Booster, once a laughingstock and perennial B-lister, will be idolized by the upcoming generation of comics readers... that's pretty cool.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Booster Gold Equals Iron Man

Over at, James Garcia has written "DC Movie Universe: 4 Ways Booster Gold Could Be DC's Iron Man." Garcia writes:

[Booster Gold] has a lot in common with Marvel Studios’ flagship superhero (on the big screen, anyway), which is something DC can definitely use to their advantage. If you remember, Iron Man was far from being a popular character before 2008. He was a second-tier character at best before being plucked from relative obscurity and thrust into mega stardom on the big screen. If DC plays their cards right, Booster Gold could follow suit.

Whether or not you agree that Iron Man was obscure, Garcia goes on to make some pretty spot-on comparisons between Booster and Iron Man. Read his 4 specific comparisons at

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