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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Booster Gold and Squirrel Girl?

As Kevin pointed out in yesterday's comments, has posted an article, "Comic Book Crossover Couplings: Hook-Ups on Infinite Earths," romantically pairing Booster Gold and Squirrel Girl. I agree with them that this pairing makes more sense than it may at first appear.

Both of these characters are treated like walking jokes by almost all of their superhero peers, despite consistently proving themselves as more than capable. Booster Gold’s regular gig is fixing the timestream and you may have heard that one time Squirrel Girl defeated Dr. Doom.

Both characters are a product of his/her time that has grown into something more, largely thanks to underground fan support. Booster Gold was spawned as satire of corporate culture in sports in the early 1980s, and has gone on to almost single-handedly save the DC Multiverse. Meanwhile Squirrel Girl was created as a pointedly absurd Spider-Man parody (by one of Spider-Man's co-creaters, no less) to highlight the darkness of the 1990s comic books. Like Booster, she is incredibly powerful, but her cheerful, naive demeanor keeps her from receiving the deserved respect of her peers.

I was introduced to Squirrel Girl about a decade ago by a co-worker. He had purchased her first appearance in 1992, and had kept the book for years as a symbol of silly comics. The antics of Squirrel Girl, in his opinion, was an insult to Spider-Man and Marvel fans everywhere. I remain certain that there must be comic book fans who think the same thing about Booster Gold -- wrongly, of course -- and that is what makes Booster Gold and Squirrel Girl such a compelling crossover idea.

You can read more about Booster and Squirrel Girl, as well as more about other unlikely pairings by Newsarama's Albert Ching and Vanetta Rogers, here.

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