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Friday, February 25, 2022

The Most Important Thing You Will Read Today

I was surfing the web this week (when I should have been working — that's what the web is for, right?), and I happened to see the following in the article about the Golden Age comic character Funnyman:

DC comics featured a cameo of the character in the series "52", as one of the heroes carrying the coffin of Booster Gold.

First, a little background on Funnyman, a very late and even more obscure entry in the Golden Age of heroes. Here he is making his first public appearance in Funnyman #1 from Magazine Enterprises Inc, January 1948:

© Magazine Enterprises Inc

So far as origin stories go, that certain is one.

If you've heard of Funnyman at all, it probably has nothing to do with his heroic takedown of rivals Laffman and Comicman. No, it's probably because of who his parents were: Funnyman was the final comic book collaboration of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the same guys who came up with Superman.

Super heroes were out of vogue by the late 40s, and Funnyman failed to find an audience. He disappeared for decades, only returning in 1977 to make a brief cameo in his civilian identity, Larry Davis, for a celebrity telethon for DC Comics' The Super Friends #5:

© DC Comics
words by E. Nelson Bridwell, art by Ramona Fradon, Bob Smith, Jerry Serpe, Milton Snappin

I see what you did there, Superman.

I recently read that issue of The Super Friends (as reprinted in the Showcase Presents: Super Friends collection), and that's what brought me to look at the Fandom Superfriends wiki.

Which is wrong.

As presented in 52 Week 18 way back in 2006, the scene of Booster Gold's funeral was a sad affair that looked like this:

© DC Comics

As you can see, in addition to mild-mannered newspaper reporter Clark Kent, the only heroes in attendence were his pallbearers, a motley group of fringe players hired by Skeets. Those heroes were, in order by their position on the casket:

  • Mind-Grabber Kid (first appearance Justice League of America #70, 1969)
  • Beefeater (first appearance Justice League Europe #20, 1990)
  • Odd Man (first appearance Detective Comics #487, 1979)
  • Blimp (first appearance Showcase #62, 1966)
  • Yellow Peri (first appearance The New Adventures of Superboy #34, 1982)
  • Honest Abe (making his debut appearance)

Though he certainly fits the theme of an obscure superhero with a silly gimmick and a desire for greater recognition, Funnyman is definitely not among the bunch.

Which is probaby a good thing. Funerals don't have much use for comedians.

© Magazine Enterprises Inc

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Monday, November 8, 2021

Looking for Something to Read

Blue and Gold #4 was originally solicited for October 19, but when issue 3 slid to October 12, it was easy to see that that issue 4 would be significantly off target, too. Expect to see it next week.

In the meantime, may I suggest that you read a book. Maybe the kind without pictures. Perhaps a book like The Death and Life of Superman (1993, ISBN 0-553-09582-X) by Action Comics writer Roger Stern?

You'll find this historic passage early in Chapter 8:

© DC Comics

Now that's what I call literature!

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Friday, July 16, 2021

Putting Things in Order

You know who's excited about next week's Blue and Gold comic?, judging by the number of times Booster and Beetle have been included in recent listicles.

Here is my list of ten "top 10" Booster Gold lists from released in the past month. And yes, I had more than 10 to choose from.

10. "10 Superheroes Who Wasted Their Potential" by David Harth
#1 Booster Gold Has Saved Time And Space But Is A Buffoon

9. "10 DC Heroes Who Don't Have Super Powers (But Get By On Gadgets)" by David Harth
#3 Booster Gold's Armor Gives Him All Kinds Of Powers

8. "10 Most Balanced DC Heroes, Ranked" by David Harth
#2 Booster Gold Wins In Spite Of Himself Because Of His Variety Of Skills

As you can see, Mr. Harth doesn't much care for Booster Gold. I assume he was forced to include Booster in his lists by his corporate overlords who require 2 pints of blood and/or a 10 point list every day.

7. "The 10 Most Villainous Things DC Heroes Ever Did" by Jerry Stanford
#5 Booster Gold Stole Everything He Used To Make His Costume

Sure, theft is bad. But DC once had an entire "event" series about heroes selling their souls to the devil.

6. "10 American Superheroes Who Should Receive An Anime Treatment" by Richard Keller
#10 Blue Beetle And Booster Gold Are Ripe For A Fish Out Of Water Anime

5. "Legends Of Tomorrow: 10 DC Characters Who Should Join The Team" by Derek Faraci
#10 Booster Gold Seems Like A No Brainer

4. "10 Characters That Still Need DC Showcase Animated Shorts" By Cole Albinder
#9 Booster Gold Should Get More Of The Spotlight He Craves

Who could argue with the premise that Booster Gold should be in all media all the time? Not me.

3. "The 10 Best Uses Of Time Travel In The Comics" by Derek Faraci
#10 Booster Gold Decides To Be Famous

That list doesn't go for the obvious choices. I respect that even when I disagree with it.

2. "10 Funny Comic Characters That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud" by Scoot Allan
#1 Booster Gold And Blue Beetle Were DC's Comedy Duo For Years

They still are!

And the number one list from to feature Booster Gold in the past month is

1. "10 Things To Know About Blue and Gold Before Their Miniseries" by Richard Keller
#1 They're More Admired Than They Think

Don't read too much this weekend, everybody. You'll want your eyeballs well rested for Blue and Gold #1 coming to a Local Comic Shop near you this Tuesday, July 20!

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Friday, June 11, 2021

From Blue to Gold and Everything Between

As pointed out to me by Rob Snow, New York Comic Con and Metaverse Comics has released a 45-minute long video interview with Blue and Gold creators Dan Jurgens and Ryan Sook to promote the upcoming series.

The creators talk about what kind of story it will be, whether or not new fans will have any idea what's going on, and which of them feels more like Booster and which feels more like Beetle. (Spoiler Alert! It's exactly the ones you expect.) They even screenshare some artwork and script plans. I'd say it's worth a listen for die-hard Booster boosters.

If the above embed doesn't work for you, you can find the video at or

Thanks, Rob, Jurgens, and Ryan (and interviewer Mike Negin)! Blue and Gold is set for a late July release.

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Monday, March 15, 2021

Nothing Says Etsy Like a 3D Printed Skeets

Some days I'm like, "what should I post today?" And other days I see things like this:

Skeets by 3dPRintedPropsStuff on

That's not a physical Justice League Unlimited Skeets model, but it could be.

It's creator, 3DPrintedPropsStuff on, is selling the 3D files necessary to print your own 16-inch (!) Skeets model on your own personal 3D printer. I don't happen to have one of those, but if I did, this is exactly the sort of thing I would use it for. (And then I'd put an Alexa speaker in it.)

If you'd rather print yourself a Skeets that looks more like everyone's favorite security droid appeared in Booster Gold Volume 2, 3DPrintedPropsStuff has got that model, too.

Being able to print my own sidekick robot at home is something I couldn't even have dreamed of when Booster Gold debuted in 1985. The future is Boosterrific, indeed!

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