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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Update on Booster Gold Television Show

For the occasion of tonight's Arrow season finale, Executive Producer of Arrow Andrew Kreisberg, who also happens to be the man behind the attempt to turn Booster Gold into a television show on the SyFy network, was interviewed by Craig Byrne of There's a bit of that interview very important to Booster Gold fans: So there's no chance the two shows [Arrow, Booster Gold] could exist in the same universe?

Kreisberg: There's always a possibility. There's a line in the Booster Gold pilot [script] where somebody says "we finally have our own hero. Not like that nut in Starling City with the hood." I don't know if they're going to let me keep that line over there, if they [Syfy] actually make the pilot, but it sort of makes me smile to think that it's the same universe.

Did you catch it? Here, let me emphasize the important part.

"...if they [SyFy] actually make the pilot...."

That's the man making the show admitting that he has no idea whether SyFy is still working on his show over a year after SyFy announced it. Draw your own conclusions about that.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shooting for Skeets

I haven't been watching SyFy since they cancelled Eureka. No Booster Gold isn't giving me much reason to change that pattern of behavior.

Last week's poll question: How do you respond to the lack of Booster Gold television news from SyFy this week? (52 votes)

How do you respond to the lack of <em>Booster Gold</em> television news from SyFy this week?

Booster will be appearing in two different 3-part stories in the next 3 months, one within continuity and one without. We know that Skeets is in the non-continuity Smallville Season 11 issues, but there's no word yet on whether Skeets will be in the DCnU-continuity All-Star Western. If he does show up, will he be a behind-the-scenes assistant, or an active sidekick? If you had a say, what kind of Skeets would you hope to see in the DCnU?

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Missing Inaction

I'm so desperate for the return of Booster Gold, I may be buying this in both digital and print issues!

Last week's poll question: When will you be buying the chapters of Smallville: Season 11 #13? (36 votes)

When will you be buying the chapters of <em>Smallville: Season 11</em> #13?

It was a year ago at the 2012 SyFy Upfronts that the network announced they were working on an "Untitled Booster Gold Project." The 2013 SyFy Upfront was yesterday, and there was no sign of any Booster Project, untitled or otherwise.

The last news we heard about the Booster Gold show was that writer Andrew Kreisberg was set to deliver a script for the pilot back in December 2011. Given the lack of any news in the months since, it sure is beginning to look like we won't be seeing Booster Gold on SyFy.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

This Should Be in a Museum!

After a year atop the sales charts, DC is now being beaten by Marvel NOW!. You know what would put you back on top, DC? Another huge event in which Booster Gold rolls back Flashpoint.

And SyFy, Booster Gold fans are obviously expecting a television show before the end of the year. Don't let us down.

Last week's poll question: What do you most expect to see Booster Gold doing in 2013? (33 votes)

What do you most expect to see Booster Gold doing in 2013?

Booster Gold's many costumes have found a place in the JLA Trophy Room, but they say the clothes don't make the man. Surely there must be something else museum worthy in Booster Gold's adventures!

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Friday, November 30, 2012

Booster Gold the Television Show Update

Wednesday, published an interview between Jesse Schedeen and Andrew Kreisberg. Most of the Q&A focuses on The CW's Arrow, which Kreisberg executive produces, but Schedeen managed to save the most important question for last:

IGN Comics: Before we end off, I wanted to ask about another show you've been working on. Back during SDCC you revealed that you were preparing to submit your first script for the Booster Gold series you're developing for SyFy. Is there any update on that show right now?

Kreisberg: [laughs] I got a little waylaid by Arrow. Booster Gold is going in in the next couple weeks before Christmas. We'll see what happens from there. It's such a different project even though they're both DC Comics properties. Booster is much more candy and popcorn, being about time travel and changing the future and being a superhero who can fly. But they're both super-fun projects. As a lifelong DC Comics fan, I am beyond blessed to be working on these projects with all these amazing characters.

Booster Gold fans certainly have something to look foward to this Christmas season! Thanks to Russ Burlingame at and MetalWoman in the Boosterrific Forum for bringing this bit of good news to our attention.

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