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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

That Should Have Been Task Force S

Booster Gold may still be missing in action, but at least we still get Skeets. Kind of.

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Last week's Suicide Squad #25 seems to imply that Skeets (shown but not named) was put to work by Amanda Waller in a previous version of the Suicide Squad. Did Skeets participate Voluntarily? Does Booster know?

Thanks to MetalWoman for the intel.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Old Releases: Suicide Squad

The trade collection of the final issues of the canceled Secret Six is published today. Included in the collection will be Booster Gold's appearance in Secret Six #36 for those that missed Booster's showdown with the Six in the rush towards the New 52.

On another note, Blue Beetle and Captain Atom -- both of which see their 5th issue released today -- are two titles that drop within range of the next swing of DC's cancellation hatchet after DC's announced cancellations last week. If DC is looking to make some space for a "Third Wave" of titles, these characters should be getting nervous. Since both have history with previous incarnations of the JLI, what's the chance that after their seemingly-inevitable cancellation these characters will end up on Booster's Justice League?

Skeets would probably prefer that you not buy any of these issues if it means any possibility of a return for a Booster and Skeets title.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Booster Gold Versus Suicide Squad

Last week, DC announced the first casualties of the New 52. Blackhawks, Hawk and Dove, Men of War, Mister Terrific, O.M.A.C. and Static Shock were among the worst-performing titles of the New 52. They will be replaced by some familiar titles in the next three months as DC seeks to inject some new blood into the rapidly decaying New 52.

Fortunately, JLI is still a top-50 seller, though it is interesting to note that even it is losing ground rapidly to a rather Boosterrific comparable:

Justice League International volume 3 vs Booster Gold volume 2 sales

At this rate, it should be expected that sales for the still-on-the-shelf Justice League International #5 will be worse than sales were for Booster Gold #5 in 2007. Granted, these numbers don't take into account the unknown digital sales of the JLI series, but it would still seem that Batman and Guy Gardner aren't helping promote sales significantly more than Booster Gold could do himself. Who would have expected that?

Booster Gold had two things that JLI doesn't. Since one of those things was Geoff Johns who is already busy doing what he does best reinvigorating Aquaman, the JLI will need to hang their hopes on the other one: Skeets, the JLI needs you!

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