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Friday, July 16, 2010

Booster Gold Versus Shockwave

Booster Gold Volume 2 Sales through June 2010Steady as she goes: Booster Gold sales have remained essentially level for four months as the fan baseline appears to have been established at about 20K readers. (I've included the top selling issues for each month in the graph as a sales comparison between event sales and ongoing series sales. Just because.) I trust that the recent brouhaha regarding the art in Booster Gold #34 isn't enough to upset the delicate balance of this oscillation, right?

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Who's Who Again?

Alert visitors may have noticed that the database of comic books including Booster Gold appearances has now passed 500 issues. This is due to the addition of various Who's Who series of the late 80s to early 90s in which Booster Gold appeared in the background art. If you aren't thrilled to hear that you can now find Booster's appearances in biographical entries for obscure DC characters like Shockwave and Starbreaker, you can just go about your regular business. Otherwise, you'll find the list of non-continuity appearances here.

If you're still reading this far, please note that Boosterrific is still looking to confirm books containing DC house advertisements with Booster Gold. Booster is known to appear in ads in DC published issues with the following cover dates:

  • February 1986 (for Booster Gold, V.1, #1),
  • May 1991 (for Armageddon 2001),
  • August 1992 (for Eclipso, the Darkness Within),
  • February 1993 (in an AIDS awareness PSA),
  • February 1994 (in another AIDS awareness PSA),
  • December 1996 (for DC subscription orders),
  • September 2007 (for Booster Gold, V.2, #1)

Rumor also has it that Booster appears in various Who's Who and Millennium house ads from 1988, though this has yet to be verified. Keep an eye out between the panels for Booster Gold and email your discovery to webmaster at If you find an ad in an issue that no one else has reported, you'll certainly get credit for it here at Boosterrific. Thanks, readers.

P.S.: There have been a few problems with the database today that have affected both the blog and the polls. (And hopefully nothing else.) Everything should now be under control.

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