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Monday, July 13, 2020

The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants

By now you've got your hands on last week's Harley Quinn #74, right? So you've seen this:

© DC Comics

I have mixed feelings about this.

On the one hand, if Booster and Harley were real people and not comic book characters, they'd deserve the same chance at happiness as everyone else. Regardless of the fact that she was trying to kill him as recently as a year ago, the pair would still have the right to seek happy, fulfilling romantic relationships regardless of their past history or public opinion. Whatever anyone outside the relationship (read: me) thinks about the suitability of the pairing of a jock from the future and a psychopath's gun moll should be irrelevant to that relationship.

On the other hand, neither Harley nor Booster is a real person. They are comic book characters who have become widely recognized by fans for being in decades-long relationships with other members of their same sex. Booster's relationship with BFF and fellow hero Blue Beetle has always been intimate but canonically platonic, yet the dastardly damsels Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy have chosen a more physical relationship. (As is the norm in American popular entertainment, the good guys have to play it straight while the femme fatales enjoy "forbidden" love.) Is it a coincidence that these two standard-bearers of non-traditional relationships were chosen to enter into a gender-conforming heterosexual relationship by publishers, editors, writers, and artists who should be aware of the characters' metatextual associations? I find that hard to believe.

As I said, mixed feelings.

Am I reading too much into it? Maybe. That might be the fault of my liberal arts education: looking for meaning where none exists. Maybe I'm grasping at external reasons to justify my own irrational expectations of my hero's choice of girlfriend. Who knows? Since I strongly believe that one should never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence, I think I will choose to look on the bright side and give love a chance.

Good luck, you crazy kids.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Guess Booster Gold Should Make a Sex Tape

Dan Jurgens spoke to Comic Book Resources's Jonah Weiland at Comic-Con, and naturally Booster Gold came up.

Jonah Weiland: You're one of the few creators that comes back to a character they created for a company time and time and time again. Talk about your relationship with Booster Gold. (I know that sounds a little weird, but there is a real relationship you have with that character.)

Dan Jurgens:...I always explain it this way: whereas there's a plane coming down out of the sky, Superman flies up and catches it, lands it safely in Metropolis Park. Booster calls the media, says, "I'm going to go do, film this." He tries to catch it, he can't, the thing drives him down, and at the very last minute he makes it. He saves it, but with a rocky landing and he's just... you know, he has human faults that way. He's not perfect and he's trying to atone for his past. I'm attracted to that as a character... that he is a non-perfect human being. So, yeah, I like going back to that from time to time and DC has been kind enough to let me.

Weiland: In a way, it seems like Booster Gold makes more sense today than he did even back then.

Jurgens: What we were beginning to see back in the mid-80s was much more the emergence of the celebrity culture.... We had always had like athletes on a Wheaties box before, but the concept of people signing endorsement contracts even before they were named MVP or whatever was a bit different then.... You're right, it's built up to the point where Booster should be Kim Kardashian to a certain extent in the way he handles things.

You can find the rest of the interview (a little more about Booster but lots of reminiscing about the "Death of Superman" and Jurgens' career and longevity) at

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Friday, December 21, 2012

If Only They'd Told Us Sooner

As loyal reader deusex2 told us in yesterday's comments, Sony has rewarded DC Universe Online players with their own personal Skeets!

Servo in DCU Online

Sony Online Entertainment is calling this gunmetal gray "25th Century Communicator battle companion" Servo. The biggest difference from this little Skeets clone and the real thing is that Servo tells jokes. We all know the original -- and best! -- football-shaped battle buddy is a serious as a heart attack.

Don't make the mistake of following the lure of this siren's song pseudo-Skeets into playing DC Universe Online now, though. The battle companion was rewarded to active legendary account holders this past Tuesday. There was no advance announcement of this gift, and Servo units are not tradable between accounts. According to the official DC Universe Online Twitter account:

"You needed to have bought a membership earlier and been active - it is a thank you gift for current members."

Might as well call it a "see what you missed out on" gift for Skeets fans this Christmas.

UPDATE 12/22/2012: Mepps on Twitter reminds us that lapsed legendary account holders get a free 30 days to return to Metropolis where you'll be able to visit other people's battle bots.

@boosterrific It was a thank you gift for current members. Remember, past members got a free 30 days, too. [Mepps]

Something's better than nothing, yes?

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Walking a Mile in His Goggles, Conclusion

The final of 5 parts continuing my interview with Booster Gold cosplayer Nicole (Demyrie).

Nicole as Booster Gold

BOOSTERRIFIC: What statement do you think you are making about sexual politics by dressing as a gender-bent version of a male fictional character?

NICOLE: Haha! Wow, you opened a door. I have to say, this constant question is perfectly encapsulated by one guy at SDCC who saw us, did a double-take, crowed "AWESOME!", and then "... why?". Why, indeed, dress in a male superhero suit/persona with full intention of portraying the character… just, female?

First, it comes down to possible cosplay options. I don't like many female characters, therefore I don't spend the effort to cosplay Supergirl and Batgirl and so on. Also, if I'm going to strut around in public, I'd like to be dressed in a little more than a bikini and thigh-highs, so that eliminates most other super-females!

But it becomes a little bit more than simple process of elimination when you consider that I've been gender-bending since day one, and don't see it ending anytime soon. It's obvious that male heroes get the lions-share of characterization and compelling story-lines, so I sync with them completely and want to portray them in a way that tricks fans into believing they could exist for just a little while. If I were a dude, I would just do it, but as a girl I have a few problems. This conundrum would be a great deal easier in, say, Japan, where effeminate heroes make cross-playing (dressing up as a fictional character of the opposite gender; essentially "drag") both easy and widely-accepted, but the American ideal of hyper-masculinity really doesn't allow for a smooth or believable transition from female to male if we're talking comics.

I mean, can you imagine how much that muscle-suit would cost? And I like my chin, but Booster's was chiseled out of granite.

Therefore this interesting gender-queer middle-space is created by the virtue of alternate universes (which comics are so fond of), where a woman can essentially appropriate the history, authority, presence and strength of a male character, and the result is very, very excited fans. More often than not, the cosplayers of genderbent heroes appear far more approachable than cut-and-dry female heroes (Rogue, Wonder Woman, Black Canary) which I believe stems from the fact that it's the costume equivalent of a girl walking up to a shy guy and suggesting a night of beer and football. We aren't hyper-sexualized – we're more nerds than girls, because I'm NOT talking about the "prostitute She-Robin" Halloween costumes on Ebay – and we clearly know comics well enough to successfully translate one of YOUR favorite characters to Earth #11, preserving back-story, motivations, super-powers and that smug, smug smile.

So, you wanna talk about Chocos?

That said, I think that gendered polarization of cosplay in comics is a terrible thing. Especially because I respect the hell out of women who cosplay who they want, I hate that those who cosplay female heroes are reliably treated as sex-objects because objectification is built into the super-heroine design. Either that, or that it's assumed these women know nothing of comics and just want the male attention that only a leotard with a boob-window can afford. I don't want that kind of attention and I felt nauseated when I received it as Silk Spectre II: men touched me differently, talked to me differently and I swore never again. Guy nerds have long-since become suspicious that their sex-drives are being taken advantage of at places like Comic Con (the Booth Babe trend has absolutely no pretense on this) and frequently see cosplaying women as disembodied boobs when that fails, so gender-bending is a way of cutting through the ritual sexualization of women, escaping the Nerd Dismissal, and actually getting to talk with some damn fans about some damn comics.

Though gender-bending is my natural inclination, I honestly wish I didn't have to prove my nerd-dom like this. I dearly wish that more female characters were both respectably clothed and more developed akin to male characters. If you need any proof of the difference, just look at how many men genderbend to presumably just-as-awesome female characters (although Beetle and I are honorary members of the Genderbent Justice League and that saw some of the first serious MtF bends) and google "Women in Refrigerators". I may be ridiculously gender-queer and keep doing my weird thing regardless, but that imbalance just ain't right, which is why it found its way into my Honors thesis. And that was 50 pages!

I owe a huge thank you to Nicole for her participation in our Q&A. Follow these links to parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 of this interview.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

It has been well established in the past three decades of comic book adventures that Booster Gold is a red-blooded male, always interested in the female form. That history has not been forgotten by his fans.

Last week's poll question: What would be your reaction to Booster Gold coming out of the closet? (39 votes)

What would be your reaction to Booster Gold coming out of the closet?

I was trying to be a little provocative with last week's poll question. Interested in topping that, I asked myself what's more personal than someone's sexual preferences? Their pets!

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