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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mild-Mannered Smart Phone

In my regular trolling of the internet yesterday, I was shocked to discover an article at by Rob Enderle including the following analogy:

The iPhone is magic, wonderful, magnificent. It is presented much like a costumed hero, and you're asked not to look behind the costume or the hype at problems with its antenna, its yellowing display, or, most recently, its very fragile glass case.

Don't get me wrong, with all of this it is still rated as one of the best superphones (we call them smartphones) in the market, but to get there it needs a costume (case) and a lot of Apple magic. If I were to connect it to a Superhero, Booster Gold with a better PR manager comes to mind.

I was really looking forward to Booster Gold's appearance on Smallville as a chance to introduce the character to a mass mainstream audience that had never met the character. But if Booster Gold is well-known enough to be the super-hero of choice in a Rob Enderle article about cellphones, then maybe Michael Jon Carter has a higher Q rating than I thought.

The entire article, wherein Enderle compares the Windows 7 Phone to Superman and Microsoft management to Doomsday, can be found here.

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