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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Booster Gold Goes to Sunday School

Sure, Booster Gold makes a punchline foil for youtube animations, but how about Booster Gold as a vehicle for teaching Christianity? That's what author and evangelist Charles B. French does in his recent blog post about "The Greatest Story Never Told":

What Booster doesn't get is that his job is just as important as Superman's. In fact, it's more important, because the reason Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are putting their lives on the line is to protect the innocent. If Booster doesn't make sure that the people escape before the bad guy obliterates the city, then the heroes are fighting in vain. He's got the most important job.

This is how God thinks.

Booster Gold. Is there anything he's not good for?

That's just a small snippet of French's Christian-perpective review of the Justice League Unlimited episode. No matter what your religion, you have to admit, that's a great television episode. The whole review is posted on his website at

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Monday, April 5, 2010

The Religion of Booster Gold

Following one of the holiest days of the Christian calendar, perhaps its fitting to give some thought to the spiritual leanings of Booster Gold. In the canon of DC Comics, Booster has openly claimed to be an atheist (in Justice League International Annual #2), though offhand comments made in the years since imply that he may truly be more agnostic. (Never mind for the time being that atheism appears to be a logical fallacy in the DCU, where the personification of the Wrath of God is a member of the Justice Society and an angel is a member of the Justice League.) According to, many people have guessed that Booster is a Scientologist. Do the actions of Booster Gold give any clue to his belief system? Or is Booster Gold as spiritually shallow as he would like you to believe?

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