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Friday, January 6, 2017

You Can't Always Get What You Want

So you're still happy, even without Booster, huh?

Last week's poll question: More than six months in, how satisfied are you with Rebirth overall? (59 votes)

More than six months in, how satisfied are you with <em>Rebirth</em> overall?

Generally speaking, I do think that the Rebirth DC Universe is an improvement over what came before. That said, I'll never be satisfied until I get my Booster Gold back.

On an unrelated note, for those of you like me who missed Booster Gold in the Justice League Action debut in December, TV Guide tells me that Cartoon Network is scheduled to rerun the episode "Night of the Bat" tomorrow morning at 7:30 AM Eastern. Don't miss it twice!

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Friday, December 30, 2016

Year in Review 2016: Number 1

Surprise, surprise. The most visited post in 2016 was one of's few polls on the year. This one originally ran the week of June 10, when I asked you "How satisfied are you with Rebirth so far?"

How satisfied are you with Rebirth so far? (results)

I had cut back on polls in 2016 because I felt they weren't generating much interest. Well, this one sure did. There have been polls with more voters, but few have gathered so many views.

Since we're on the subject, I might as well follow up. When last I asked, Rebirth was only 3 weeks old. Has your opinion changed in the past seven months? We'll take a look at your response next year!

This week's poll question: More than six months in, how satisfied are you with Rebirth overall? Please visit the Boosterrific Polls page to view results for this week's poll.

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Prisoner of Rebirth

Steven Murphy of has put together a likely list of suspects we might find revealed as prisoners of the mysterious Mr. Oz. (Mr. Oz has been making appearances in random DC Comics since Rebirth started. His real identity and motivations remain unknown, but he's obviously a huge fan of L. Frank Baum.)

Chief among Mr. Murphy's list of prisoners is someone who hasn't been seen in the DCnU in 418 days and counting:

Booster Gold is a favorite classic character typically paired with Blue Beetle Ted Kord. Rebirth is an event largely about bringing favorite classic characters back and while Ted has been reestablished, Booster has not. That can't be an oversight.

Sounds plausible to me. There has to be some reason DC is ignoring Booster Gold even as they continue to press forward with developing a movie for the character, right?

You can read Murphy's reasoning at

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

New Release: Blue Beetle Rebirth #1

Blue Beetle: Rebirth #1 is out today. It features the return of Ted Kord as the mentor to Jaime Reyes. You can find two previews online at and

On a related note, DC Comics released solicitations for comics shipping in November earlier this week. As has become the norm, Booster Gold was nowhere in sight.

Could a future issue of Blue Beetle be where we'll next see our hero? Given that the series is written by Keith Giffen, it seems a possibility. Consider picking up this issue and getting in on the ground floor.

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Rebirth of Hope

A month into Rebirth, most Booster Gold fans see it as a positive (even though there has been no hint of a Booster Gold appearance coming any time soon).

Last week's poll question: How satisfied are you with Rebirth so far? (58 votes)

How satisfied are you with <em>Rebirth</em> so far?

I was feeling that way, too, until I read this week's Superman #1. No spoilers, but it's got a Geoff Johns' Superboy Prime vibe plus an "everything you think you know is a lie" moment that I really didn't care for. If this is the flagship title of the new Rebirth event, it feels like more of the same old DCnU to me.

I hate to judge a title (much less a whole universe) on one issue, so here's hoping my first impression was wrong.

(And whatever I think about the other Rebirth books, I've still got Dan Jurgens writing Action. Jurgens' Superman is still my Superman, no matter what else is happening in the wider DCnU.)

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