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It has been 79 Days since Booster Gold last appeared in an in-continuity DCU comic book.

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Time Masters > Time Lords

CaptainHeq dropped by the Boosterrific Forum last week to confirm something that Booster Gold fans already knew: Booster Gold is the best!

Congratulations Booster Gold #TimeChallenge champion

Booster beat Doctor Who in the championship bracket of the podcast Time Challenge tournament of time travelers. Says CaptainHeq:

Booster won by just a handful of votes, so I think you here can take credit for that.

Don't think we won't! Booster Gold fans are the best fans!

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Booster Gold Needs No Doctor

Remember back in April when CaptainHeq begged for votes for Booster Gold in the #TimeChallenge? You made his dream come true. Not only has Booster Gold made the final vote, as I type this, he's beating Doctor Who!

#TimeChallenge poll

If you want to help pad Booster's lead, head over to and vote!

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Friday, April 4, 2014

#TimeChallenge Needs Your Vote!

Yesterday, CaptainHeq came to the Forum pandering for votes. As he explains it:

Currently on my podcast ( we're doing something called the #TimeChallenge. The end all be all battle to find the ultimate time traveler. It's the second week of the first round, Booster Gold versus Sam Beckett (from Quantum Leap but I hope I don't have to actually mention that.)

Now here's the actual deal. I NEED Booster to win this and move on to round two (and then eventually face Doctor Who, since... seriously... it's Doctor Who and he's walking through this whole thing.) After years of taking heat for Booster being my favorite superhero I've come to the source of the grassroots of time's best champion to rally some support.

I've hesitated to link to the BastardCast podcasts in the past because their potty-mouths are definitely Not Safe For Work. But I cannot deny a heartfelt plea in support of Booster Gold.

Go and give Booster Gold some love at

And if you want to listen to the BastardCast while you're over there, more power to you. You'll find the TimeChallenge segment at about the 01:35:00 mark.

UPDATE 2014-04-04: I've removed the link to the NerdBastards website that was giving some a malware warning. When I tested the link yesterday, I got no warning, but better safe than sorry. My apologies.

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