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Monday, April 11, 2022

The Story of a Story

Here's an interesting footnote in the adventures of Booster Gold.

George Morrow at recently referenced a 2006 Pulse article in which Jennifer M. Contino interviewed comedian Patton Oswalt, writer of JLA: Welcome to the Working Week, about his "upcoming" contribution to the Justice League Unlimited comic book:

THE PULSE: Out of all the superhero cartoons that have come and gone, what do you like the best about JLU?

OSWALT: The wide-ranging aspect. Also, they don’t just focus on the Big 5. I also like what they do with the villains. I wish they’d just do an Injustice Society cartoon. Wow!

THE PULSE: That would be cool. What is your JLU story about? How did you get involved with doing a story for that imprint?

OSWALT: Well, I tried out to be the monthly writer, but they thought a lot of my story pitches blew. But there was one they liked, which involves Booster Gold and The Atomic Knight. So that’s the one I’m doing.

THE PULSE: Out of the zillions of heroes in the JLU universe, how did you settle on Booster Gold and the Atomic Knight?

OSWALT: I thought of the kind of story I’d like to tell first, and then went through my old Who’s Who and figured out who’d be the best characters to tell that story emotionally. We’ll see.

As we all know by now, we didn't see. Justice League Unlimited was cancelled in 2008, never having included any story crossing Booster Gold with the Atomic Knights. But Oswalt is very correct that it would make a great pairing.

Every Booster booster knows that Booster Gold arrived in our "present day" on August 20, 1985, a date our hero selected in part because it occurred before a nuclear conflict of the late 20th century (Booster Gold #14). But what you may not have realized is that the nuclear war of Booster's future history was better known as The Great Disaster of the DC Universe, and according to the heroic Atomic Knights, it happened in October 1986 ("Rise of the Atomic Knights", Strange Adventures #117).

Given that the goal of the Atomic Knights was to rebuild society after the disaster, a crossover story between them and future rags-to-riches success story Booster Gold would be a good story set-up!

In hindsight we know definitively there was no nuclear disaster in the DCU in 1986. Superman discovered that the original stories of the Atomic Knights were all fictional simulations (in DC Comics Presents #57, 1983), and the post-Crisis on Infinite Earths Atomic Knights would go on to aid the city of Bludhaven after a scaled-down nuclear event in Crisis Aftermath: Battle for Bludhaven — a mini-series drawn by Dan Jurgens!

Will we ever get to read Oswalt's story? Only time will tell.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Looking into the Near Future

John Babos recently interviewed Dan Jurgens for Comics Nexus. Jurgens has been busy lately and has a lot to say about Aquaman and Futures End. However, is a Booster Gold fansite, so let's cut to the chase:

Comics Nexus - Any chance we'll see Rip Hunter and any of the gang from your most recent Booster Gold series somewhen soon?

Dan Jurgens - [Booster Gold: Futures End] is all about Booster at this point. Time to let the readers know what he's been up to!

Depending on how you feel about Booster's supporting cast, that's either good news or bad news. I know Skeets isn't too happy about it.

If you're not afraid of a few spoilers, you can read the rest of the interview (both Part 1 and Part 2) at

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The African Fox

When reading Justice League International #2, I noticed something about Booster Gold's new teammate Vixen that is perhaps best summarized by Grey Scherl in his review of the issue for Comics Nexus:

Vixen is a complete and utter waste of a character who is here, quite literally, so she can point at a screen and describe it as her "Native Africa". Yeah. Vixen made the team because she's African, and that's her characterization. I'd probably be offended if I cared at all about the character, but I don't, so I'm not.

Otherwise, Sherl's review is very positive, giving the issue a rating of 8 out of 10.

To be fair, the series has been pretty up-front about the fact that most of its members were selected to meet United Nations quota. Add to that the fact that there have only been two issues of the new JLI so far. There's still plenty of time for Jurgens to develop the character, so maybe this criticism is unfair.

However, this brings us to the point I wanted to make, the point that many of us fans of the former DC Universe are still struggling with: how much of the personalities of the characters we love is still intact in the DCnU? Sure she looks pretty much the same, but it's been two months, and fans of Vixen still have no idea how the DCnU Vixen compares to their beloved DCU Vixen. Other than Batman and the Green Lanterns, that applies to most other characters int eh DCnU.

Until we get answers to questions like that, there is going to be some concern and resentment from fans about the new paradigm of the DCnU.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Grading on a Curve

Reviewers across the internet have been pretty kind to Justice League International, Vol. 3, #1., Comics Alliance, and Inside Pulse all rate the book highly. It seems pretty clear that the majority of reviewer across the net seem to rate the book no worse than average.

In the review for the issue (found here), I expressed my relief in finding a familiar port in the storm of the DCnU reboot by giving the issue a five-star rating. In no time I was accused of being overly generous. That criticism made me wonder about how highly I was rating other issues on the site, so I took a look. Here's the results:

Most comics at are rated 4-stars out of 5.

Obviously, I like more books than I dislike. Does this mean that I like most comics, rating comics in general higher than they deserve? Or does this mean that exhibits a selection bias, consistently rating comics containing Booster Gold as better than average simply because they contain Booster Gold? You be the judge; I'm busy reading comics.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dan Jurgens

Today is the birthday of the one-and-only Dan Jurgens, creator of Booster Gold and soon-to-be writer of the first-ever Justice League International #1. This year, Jurgens turns the magic number at DC: 52! Let there be cake!

Form more information about Jurgens and his upcoming plans for the JLI, check out his 3-part interview with John Babos over at part 1 (JLI & DC), part 2 (Green Arrow), part 3 (Booster Gold).

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