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Monday, March 14, 2022

New Release: Blue and Gold 7

Blue and Gold #7 is coming your way this week, and already has the issue preview. And it looks like we're getting a very special Guest Star!

© DC Comics

That bad guy monologing about ruling the Multiverse while making life miserable for poor Jaime Reyes can't possibly be anyone other than his greatest enemy... the Black Beetle!

While he hasn't been M.I.A. for quite so long as Theresa Collins was, we still hadn't seen good ol' Black Beetle since the cancellation of Booster Gold volume 2 in 2011, and his true identity remains one of that series' biggest unsolved mysteries. considered the possibilities in depth in a 3-part series in 2014 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).

Is Dan Jurgens finally ready to pull off Black Beetle's mask and reveal the villain's true face? Will we believe it even if we see it? There's only one way to find out!

Buy this issue and make Skeets (and Buggles) happy!

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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

New Old Release: DC Comics: Generations

I feel like I say this every year, but now at your Local Comic Shop:

© DC Comics

This softcover reprints the hardcover DC Comics: Generations, which was itself a reprint of Generations: Shattered and Generations: Forged. If you've been waiting to read these issues until DC knocked $10 off the price, your day has come!

By the way, in the very recent Justice League 2022 Annual #1 — yeah, it's an awkward name, but at least it doesn't have any colons in it, so... progress? — Batman recognized an accidentally time-displaced O.M.A.C. when the rest of the Justice League didn't. Says Batman:

© DC Comics
words by Brian Michael Bendis; art by Sanford Greene, Matt Herms, Josh Reed

Is this evidence that the Batman who was plucked from the past for Generations is the same Batman now a member of the modern day Justice League? I choose to think so. (I don't know how, but time travel can do weird things to continuity.)

It sure seems like DC Comics: Generations has become must-read material for DC continuity wonks. Get it while it's hot!

And while you're at your Local Comic Shop, if you're interested in following Booster's appearances in Human Target, know that he gets a name drop in this week's issue 5. It's only this one panel:

© DC Comics
words by Tom King; art by Greg Smallwood, Clayton Cowles

Speaking of continuity, I can't say I care for the rest of this issue's events and characterizations. But, hey, Greg Smallwood's art always delivers!

Enjoy your shopping!

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Monday, February 21, 2022

New Release: Blue and Gold 6

In 1967, in the opening episode of the second season of Star Trek, best friends Captain Kirk and his first officer, Mister Spock, are forced to fight one another on an alien planet. The episode is called "Amok Time," and it's pretty good television.

Why do I mention that? Because DC has released the preview of this week's Blue and Gold #6!

© DC Comics

I guess this makes Booster Spock? That's... not what I would have expected. Great! I like to be surprised. I hope that writer Dan Jurgens has a few other tricks up his sleeve to put his own spin on a classic situation.

You can find the whole preview at, and tomorrow, you can buy this issue from your Local Comic Shop (or whatever now passes for Comixology) and make Skeets happy.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2022

New Old Release: The Flintstones Deluxe Ed

Booster Gold/The Flintstones Special #1 celebrates its five-year anniversary today with a return to your Local Comic Shop as part of The Flintstones: The Deluxe Edition hardcover collection.

© DC Comics

Five years isn't really a long time, but I do like to see DC recollecting older series in new formats for new fans. It gives me hope that one of these days, maybe I will finally get that long-awaited Extreme Justice hardcover for my bookshelf!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

New Release: Human Target 4

Human Target #4 is out today. The issue is essentially an extended interrogation of Ted Kord by Christopher Chance — interrupted occasionally by crime fighting with Ice! Booster Gold makes no appearance, but he sure gets talked about a lot.

© DC Comics
words by Tom King, art by Greg Smallwood, letters by Clayton Cowles

I am officially on record as no fan of writer Tom King's characterizations, but golly, that seems like a very insightful conversation about a couple of characters that I am very, very familiar with. In fact, I liked this entire comic book in spite of my misgivings about King's work. (Greg Smallwood's art is no disappointment, either.)

Unrelated to that, may I offer special thanks to Booster booster J, who has recently been alerting me to typos here on the site. I'm fixing them as fast as I can, J! Thanks for bringing them to my attention; I appreciate your help in making better.

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