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Monday, July 25, 2016

Animated Booster Gold Coming into Focus

We keep hearing that Booster Gold is going to be in the upcoming Justice League Action cartoon, but we haven't seen any pictures of the character design. That is, until now.

© DC Comics

This pic comes to us courtesy of The Blot, who's been busy hunting Booster Gold at Comic Con this week. (We're in your debt, Blot.) Booster is one of several characters, most of whom were previously revealed, on a Justice League Action wall display. Note that the design is clearly based on his pre-New 52 look. Thank the gods.

At the convention, DC also released a sizzle real including some of the DC Universe's more obscure characters like Dex-Starr, Vixen, and Space Cabbie, but still no Booster Gold in action. However, we did get another video featuring Diedrich Bader talking about his approach to the character. You'll find it starting at 2:09 below:

(Thanks to Morgenstern for that link.)

I was initially apprehensive when I heard that Bader, known far and wide as Lawrence in Office Space, would be Batman in Brave and the Bold, but he totally won me over with his deadpan delivery. As much as I'll miss Tom Everett Scott in the role, I'm excited to hear what Bader can bring to Booster this fall on Cartoon Network.

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Monday, April 11, 2016

I Like Watching Paint Dry

Loyal Booster booster Morgenstern worried that Kay Pike's video of her body-painted Booster Gold "costume" might be too risque for the Boosterrific blog. (As a general rule, I do try to keep things PG rated around here.) Therefore, I'm just going to give you a SFW screenshot:

Booster Gold body paint by Kay Pike

Isn't that amazing? Without a doubt, it's without a doubt the best Booster Gold cosplay I've seen this year.

Assuming the sight of body-painted women doesn't offend you, I strongly encourage you to click on the image above to visit Kay's Instagram page to see a short video of the costume in motion. It really is very skillfully painted. Kudos to Kay.

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Arkham City Belongs to Booster Gold

I was skeptical that this Batman Arkham Knight custom mod would be any good when Morgenstern first brought it to my attention, but I found it surprisingly entertaining to watch Booster Gold clean up Gotham City's streets.

MrJAG has done quite a bit of modding of the Arkham series games. You can find more videos on his channel on

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Wrapped in Gold

Morgenstern recently spotted this beauty dressed as our favorite hero:

Maki Roll as Booster Gold, photo by Ron Gejon Photography

That's Maki Roll in a costume of her own design. Photograph by Ron Gejon Photography.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Faster Faster Faster

YouTube is full of the strangest things. Check out this video of Drawings By Jhoan re-drawing this sketch by Todd Nauck.

That's a pretty good freehand duplication, even if I don't know why we're watching it.

Thanks to Morgenstern for finding this video and Todd Nauck for making art worthy of being copied.

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