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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Something to Look Forward to

The rumor unveiled last week by has been proven true by's advance September solicitations for 41 "New 52: Five Years Later" books, including:

On sale September 24 • 32 pg • FC • RATED T
3-D Motion Edition: $3.99 US
2-D Standard Edition: $2.99 US
Trapped out of time on a world that defies reason, Booster Gold struggles to escape the fate that has held him and so many forgotten heroes captive! has confirmed that this is not an ongoing but a one-shot, probably concerning details of Booster Gold's life five years into the DCnU's future. If we buy a bunch of them, maybe DC management will change their mind and make it an ongoing featuring the adventures of Booster Gold in the DCnU's present!

Retailer solicitations are usually posted two months in advance. Note that this is an advance solicitation for September. This advance notice is intended to

  1. give retailers a chance to place orders, and
  2. build hype.

A side effect of the early notices is that it doesn't give any indication of the creative team involved. This is probably because the creative teams aren't yet determined for some of the solicited titles. I'm sure we'll learn more before September.

The advanced solicitation is no doubt a response to last years' "Villains Month" ordering fiasco where printing and distribution problems coupled with an unexpected and inexplicable demand for some "Villain's Month" covers — Joker's Daughter? Really? — left a lot of fans disappointed last year. Let's hope that there are plenty of covers to go around so that everyone who wants to see Booster Gold in glorious 3D gets the opportunity.

If you want to celebrate this development, the party has already started in the Boosterrific Forum. (Thanks to MetalWoman for confirming the one-shot.)

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Good Help Is Hard to Find

So, so much to be disappointed about in 2013.

Last Week's poll question: What are you most disappointed that you did not see Booster Gold doing in 2013? (45 votes)

What are you most disappointed that you did not see Booster Gold doing in 2013?

Maybe you heard — perhaps either from Russ Burlingame at or from MetalWoman in our own Boosterrific Forum — the news earlier this week that novelist Brian Keene had been asked to "do something with Booster Gold," an invitation that he had to refuse. You may recall that Jeff Katz worked in movies before working with Geoff Johns on Booster Gold Volume 2. How do we feel about another industry outsider writing Booster Gold comics?

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

That Should Have Been Task Force S

Booster Gold may still be missing in action, but at least we still get Skeets. Kind of.

© DC Comics

Last week's Suicide Squad #25 seems to imply that Skeets (shown but not named) was put to work by Amanda Waller in a previous version of the Suicide Squad. Did Skeets participate Voluntarily? Does Booster know?

Thanks to MetalWoman for the intel.

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Friday, July 5, 2013

What Happened to Booster Gold?

Booster booster Gio3432 has called me to the carpet for not posting Booster's name drop in last week's Justice League of America #5. MetalWoman had referenced it in the Boosterrific Forum, and I guess I thought that was good enough. But Gio is right, I should have posted the relevant panel here in the Boosterrific Blog, too. To make up for my error, here is the panel:

© DC Comics

This is the second name check Booster has gotten in the pages of JLoA so far. (The last time was in issue #1.) How many more until we actually see Booster Gold in an issue?

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Monday, April 1, 2013

What the Flashpoint?

WonderCon 2013 was this past weekend, and DC went ahead and made it official that Booster Gold will be guest-starring in All-Star Western #19-21. Our pal Russ Burlingame at reports writer Jimmy Palmiotti's quote from the "DC All Access Panel" yesterday:

In the next issue of Jonah Hex, we have a special guest... running around with Jonah Hex will be none other than Booster Gold.

You can read details from the whole panel at, but the fact that Booster will be in All-Star Western isn't really new news. However, something else I found reported from WonderCon is a little more exciting. reports that the "f" in the "WTF" issues appearing this month from DC will stand for "Flashpoint," and it seems that Booster won't just be travelling across the DCU, he'll be remembering it:

...Inside sources at DC were overheard this weekend at WonderCon 2013 saying we should expect to see plenty of the mysterious Pandora and finally hear Booster Gold admit that he remembers the old DC Universe!

It's about time! Thanks to MetalWoman and Morgenstern for posting the news in the Boosterrific Forum.

UPDATE 2013-04-01: More info at

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