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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New Release: Justice League 3000 #14

The latest installment of The New Adventures of Blue and Gold (or, as some people call it, Justice League 3000 #14) is released today. The preview of the issue at A.V. Club gives the impression that this will be a very Ice-heavy issue with a hint of Fire. That sounds like something I want to read.

(By the way, the rumor of Justice League 3000's demise has been greatly exaggerated. After Convergence, the book will be reborn as Justice League 3001. Whether Booster Gold survives that transition remains to be seen, but I'm betting yes).

And while you're supporting your Local Comic Shop, consider picking up Futures End #41. Booster Gold can be found in the issue preview seen on Crave Online. While it's probably just a brief cameo, you don't want a hole in your Booster Gold collection, do you? (Thanks to MetalWoman for the spot.)

Buy these issues and make Skeets happy.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

USA Today Covers Booster Gold One-Shot

As noted by MetalWoman in the Boosterrific Forum, Brian Truitt of USA Today has spoken with Dan Jurgens in anticipation of tomorrow's Booster Gold: Futures End #1. Here's what Jurgens had to say:

"There are going to be things that longtime DC readers respond very, very well to, and we're setting up some fairly major events and surprises for DC's current universe."

You can find the whole article — which includes both a preview of the comic as well as Futures End spoilers — at You'll find Booster Gold: Futures End #1 in your Local Comic Shop tomorrow.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

"I Think There's A Good Chance"

Dan Jurgens spoke to Josie Campbell of, and he had a lot to say about Booster Gold's role in Futures End and beyond (and before).

CBR: In the "Futures End" weekly, we've got Terry McGinnis time traveling; as Booster Gold is also a time traveler, how much of what happens in "Futures End" going to impact your "Booster Gold: Futures End" one-shot?

Jurgens: Quite a lot, actually, and I think you have to step back a little farther than that in terms of the question. The last time we've seen Booster Gold [in the present] was in the Justice League International" annual of 2012. Since then, [other than his appearance in "All Star Western"] we haven't seen Booster until we saw him at that point. We're going to finally start to find out, was he taken? Did he just slip out of existence? Or did he go someplace else? This starts to deal with all that. It goes back to that point. We pick up on that, and we start to answer some of those questions, as well as how it relates to "Futures End." And then, as I said earlier, where does it go from there? It's definitely plugging in, in that very wide-scope kind of way.

Yep, I will definitely be buying 2 copies of Booster Gold: Futures End in September.

CBR: Is there a chance readers will see more Booster Gold coming up, either in "Aquaman And The Others" or perhaps in a solo book once again?

Jurgens: Yeah, I think there's a good chance. [Laughs]

Finally a new Booster Gold series? Yeah, I'd buy two of that, too!

If you love Booster Gold, you should read the whole article at Thanks to MetalWoman for calling it to our attention.

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Who Was That Unmasked Man?

Each issue of Futures End includes a selection of panels teasing events in the next issue. Futures End #2 included an image of a character yet to appear in the story's first three issues. Who could this blond-haired, blue-eyed dreamboat be? Hmm?

© DC Comics

MetalWoman suspects that this is Booster Gold. Sure looks like it to me. We'll find out for sure when Futures End #3 hits shelves this Wednesday.

For those of you who are not buying Futures End, MetalWoman has created a thread in the Boosterrific Forum to help keep track of Booster's appearances in the series for you. And if you want to read Futures End #0 but couldn't get a copy from your LCS on Free Comic Book Day, is offering a digital download of the book for free.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Together Again for the First Time

Want to own a piece of the first battle between Booster Gold and the evil Supernova? Now you can!

© DC Comics

This original art by Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund from Booster Gold, Volume 2, #3 is for sale on The asking price is $165.00, but that's a small price to pay for a piece of history!

UPDATE 2014-04-30: This seems as good a post as any to note that confirms that Jurgens will be writing the upcoming Booster Gold:Futures End one-shot. No word yet on the artists.

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