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 Bow Ties Are Cool

Monday, May 22, 2017

Sometimes cosplay isn't enough. Sometimes you have to bring your favorite heroes into your daily attire. That's what Drake McWhorter did.

Dapper Drake McWhorter

Drake, known as TrailerDrake on Twitter, is a big Booster booster (*ahem*), and now he wears his allegiance to Blue and Gold around his neck. If you like it, you can buy your own from dexlarprice on for a very reasonable price.

(Note these ties are quite different from the Etsy Blue and Gold bows I featured last year, though those were also by dexlarprice.)

I have Booster t-shirts and a hoodie. Has anyone else managed to incorporate Booster into their daily wardrobe? And, yes, visible tattoos count.

On a related note — we are talking about Booster Gold merchandise, right? — has everyone signed George Pooley's petition for those cancelled Blue and Gold DC Collectible figures at Spread the word!
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 Change We Can Believe In

Monday, May 15, 2017

In March, we learned that DC Collectibles doesn't think there's a market for Booster Gold and Blue Beetle figures.

George Pooley wants to prove them wrong.

George has created an online petition with the goal of convincing DC to change their minds and give us the figures we wanted so badly. He's looking for a minimum of 100 signatures. Will you be one of them?

Add your name at
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 Lego My Ego

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Despite appearing in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, Booster Gold has never had his own LEGO minifig in real life. Forrester Simon is looking to change that with an Indiegogo campaign.

LEGO Booster Gold

This unofficial minifig is being custom printed in limited quantity and will sell for $40 each. That may seem steep for 1-and-a-half inches of plastic, but can you really put a price tag on solid gold?
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 Inaction Figures Are Good Too

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

So maybe we won't be getting any new "official" Booster Gold figures from DC any time soon, but real fans will always find their own solution to surrounding themselves with the heroes they love. For example, check out these crafty Justice League Action-inspired Booster Gold plushies by ElfGrove:

Plushie by Elf Grove

If Booster was a real person, he couldn't be any cuter than these!

You can find many more pictures of the plushie-making process on Keep up the good work, ElfGroove!
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 DC Icons Figures Shelved

Monday, March 6, 2017

Last July, DC Collectibles revealed a two-pack of DC Icons Blue Beetle and Booster Gold figures at San Diego Comic Con 2016 to be released later this year. Yet the figures were surprisingly absent from the DC Collectibles shown two weeks ago at Toy Fair in New York.

On Friday, Jeffrey Lyles of reported that he investigated the absence and was told by DC Collectibles Vice President Kevin Kiniry that the figures have been canceled.

© DC Comics

At The Fwoosh, a web forum dedicated to action figure enthusiasts, others are posting confirmation of the cancellation. "Big Bad Voodoo Lou" posted his correspondence with DCC, including his eloquent plea for the figures:

Dear Vice President Kiniry and everyone else at DC Collectibles,

"There have been a lot of rumors coming out about the future of DC Collectibles post-Toy Fair. The one that concerns me the most is the future of the Icons Blue Beetle and Booster Gold two-pack. Those two are my favorite comic book characters, and they have been ever since I was a kid in elementary school, growing up in the '80s. I am a completist when it comes to collecting Beetle and Booster comics, toys, and other merchandise -- which, as you can imagine, is far cheaper than being a Batman completist, but also an attainable goal. (Please don't get me wrong; I buy other DC Comics and Collectibles products too!)

"Anyway, even though I'm close to 40 years old, it broke my heart a little to read that the upcoming two-pack may have been canceled due to lack of retailer interest. Is this true? I know that Etrigan is canceled, but several other announced Icons figures will still be coming out. I also read that DC Collectibles wants to move in the direction of more multi-figure sets, including "Iconic Moments" from comics, with story-specific accessories and displays.

"Well, this two-pack sounds like it would meet all those criteria. Beetle and Booster will never be among DC's A-listers or even on the strong, increasingly-recognizable B-list, but they are beloved C-listers from one of DC's most fun comics of all time. Greg Berlanti has even discussed plans for a Booster Gold movie, so there is definitely support out there! I know anecdotal evidence from one collector probably means little to you, but EVERY collector I know, in real life and online, was excited about this set, and none more than I. I've been looking forward to it since it was announced last summer, and I really hope we all get a chance to buy it, sooner rather than later.

"Could you please confirm either way, just to put my mind at ease? Thank you. I appreciate the work you're all doing, especially on the Icons line. But Beetle and Booster are such mainstays in the DCU, they are truly Icons in every sense of the word, and the line will never be complete without them."

The response Lou received read:

"Blue and Gold have a soft spot in our hearts as well. But to your point their C+ status was not enough to get retailers to order in large enough quantities. So at this time we had to cancel their 2-pack. We hope that they will live again in the future but we currently don’t have them scheduled.

"Thanks for touching base and we wish we had better news to share.

KEVIN KINIRY | Vice President – DC Collectibles

As disappointing as this news is, it can't be much of a surprise that comic shops didn't jump at a chance to sell $60 action figures of characters who haven't appeared in comics in years.

Oh, well. At least we've still got Thomas & Friends (he says, scratching his head).
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