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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Booster Buddies: Three M

Boosterrific Note: the following brief biographies were sent to me in response to my April 10 post asking for Booster Gold fans to write in and tell us a bit about themselves.

First up is Megan.

I think the concept of this blog is really great. It's a blog that would exist in DC continuity and I find that idea really hilarious. It aligns with the idea of Booster's fame seeking generating an obsessive fanclub. Booster Gold is one of my favourite DC characters. I really love how he grows and matures to become a self sacrificing person. Enjoying the character is how I found this blog and I check it out from time to time because the concept is so entertaining. Thanks for your commitment.

Secondly was this post by M.M., who originally posted this in the comments.

I love this blog. I found it while looking for Booster of course, which I fell in love with at a time in my life where I downloaded comics published before I was born, I don't know why, I just know that Booster had it all, a real personality that I could understand, a curve wonderful learning, time travel and it made me seriously wonder why I don't see more heroes dressing in gold.

Pardon my writing, I am doing this in the time not suitable for all public and helping me with the google translator because I do not trust myself. I'm going to confess that I love this blog, I already said it, but I confess that one of my recurring fears is that something happens to you and I never have the opportunity to say thanks for everything. rereading a comic after you write about why it's great for you makes me feel like it's new to me again.

Thank you both. (Rest assured that I plan to continue posting about Booster Gold for years to come, M.M.)

If anyone else would like to share and/or self-promote, please drop me a line through the Contact Portal or directly at walter(at)

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Disappointing the Masses

Tuesday, Booster Gold creator and current Action Comics scribe Dan Jurgens posted the following tweet:

Feels good to stretch the drawing muscles again. Won't tell you who. But the character's initials are BG. -- @thedanjurgens 2017-02-07

Later that day, Morgenstern posted a link to the tweet in the Boosterrific Forum. Because it is likely that Jurgens was referring to Booster Gold, I retweeted the message via @boosterrific. That was the last I expected to hear about that, at least until we had some new information. (Does "BG" stand for what we want it to? Why be coy about it? Why is he drawing it?) I was wrong.

Late Thursday night, reposted the tweet on their site. I assumed that was because they were more starved for content than usual. The post, by Jim Johnson, adds nothing to the tweet that isn't visible from the original post. However, within hours of that post, multiple people reached out to me to say, "Have you seen this on" Yes, I had.

Before I rant a bit — it's my website, and I'll rant if I want to! — let me say that I don't want to discourage anyone from sending me anything that they think is Boosterrific, I really don't. I want your input, and I will always try to be polite and thankful for anything you send me.

But paying so much attention to a teasing tweet not because Dan Jurgens posted it on Twitter but because CBR reposted it? Really? CBR? A once-great website of comics journalism that lobotomized itself in a bid to become the BuzzFeed of comics/movie/television entertainment? At least when Megan Peters covered the tweet for, she added some context! But CBR? "Hey, look! A thing!" Grr!

I know that I shouldn't be irritated. It's no one's fault but mine that I underestimated how excited Booster Gold fans would be that Dan Jurgens might actually be drawing the character again no matter what the medium or purpose. I should have immediately posted Jurgens' tweet here in the Boosterrific Blog on Wednesday. And I certainly can't expect anyone else to share my biases against CBR. For all of those oversights and failures, I apologize. I'll try to do better in the future.

TLDR: For some reason, Dan Jurgens told the world he is drawing something that starts with the initials "BG," and I didn't tell you. But don't worry, has you covered.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll crawl back into my cave.

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