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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Booster Gold, Spokesman

Now that I have a computer that may actually be able to play DC Universe Online, I'm probably a little more excited about the game due out this coming February. Especially after reading the following:

There are also secondary quests that are given through interactions with the world such as the aforementioned kiosk which begins a series of quests that show you around the landmarks of the zones (for those that like the DC lore, Booster Gold drives you around these quests and each area you visit is accompanied by a nice little fly around and commentary by Booster Gold throwing in the expected Booster Gold product placement which I had to laugh at sometimes).

Having previously learned that Booster would be the game's tour guide from's interview with Chris Cao, I returned to that source for more information. Sure enough, Larry Everett confirms this in a recent review of the game.

In each safehouse, Booster Gold has kiosks that grant tour missions. Each one of these level-appropriate guided tours takes you to all the important places around Gotham City and Metropolis while the tour guide gives humorous commentary about himself and the various locations.

What I still don't know is who is voicing Booster Gold (Tom Everett Scott?). Whoever it is, if Booster is selling, I'm buying.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

DC Universe Online Presented by Booster Gold

From Larry Evertt's interview with DCUO's Chris Cao:

The last system we have is really meant to give you the sense of this rich, deep city. We have a series of exploration quests [for when] you're tired of fighting or just want to get deep in the DC lore. We have Booster Gold, who is this [smarmy], chill, NASCAR superhero. He actually wears the stickers of sponsors, so he's the ultimate sell-out. We use him as the tour guide [for] Booster Gold Tours Metropolis, [with] little kiosks that are conveniently placed [by] safehouses. If you go and take that tour, it will actually let you go to key areas like Crime Alley where Bruce Wayne's parents were murdered, or the Daily Planet, which is actually under duress here because of Brainiac's attacks -- [places] that really matter in the DC Universe. There's a cool cam that actually rotates around, telling you in Booster Gold's voice about any point of interest. You can just go, do these, and explore.

And so the secret of Booster's role in DC Universe Online is revealed! Find the whole interview (it's a pretty big and revealing multi-part interview) on

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