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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dan Jurgens Talks to Den of Geek

Marc Buxton interviewed Dan Jurgens for Den of Geek! last week and asked some pretty good questions about Jurgens' career. Of note to Booster Gold fans was how Dan feels about various eras in Booster's history.

Buxton: When you aren't writing Booster, did you follow his adventures? What do you think were some of the character's highs and lows?

Jurgens: I certainly followed Giffen's Justice League stuff with Booster, and ended up writing that book myself for a while, which gave me the chance to do Booster again.

In general, anything that keeps the character in the public eye is a positive, though I think it all got a bit too absurd at times.

Strange thing is that fans constantly clamored for a Blue and Gold/Blue Beetle Booster Gold book, yet it never happened. Nor will it, now that we’ve moved on to the New 52. That was an opportunity lost.

Buxton: Why was JLI canceled? Can you give us insight to what was to come?

Jurgens: I think they wanted to remold the JLA franchise a bit overall. Because JLI was a standalone book, I think they felt that the only real connection was the name. We kicked around the idea of a title change a bit, but they decided to cancel it.

I've always felt that was a bit short sighted. Had we continued, I'm quite confident that a year later we would have had higher sales than a lot of books they ended up keeping and trying to save.

Enlightening. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. If you have any interest in Dan Jurgens' 30-year career, visit and give it a read.

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