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Friday, January 9, 2015

There Really Should Be a Booster Gold Comic

On Tuesday, Evan Narcisse ranted in favor of the need for a Booster Gold comic in 2015 on

While I whole-heatedly support Evan's call for a new series, I would disagree with his assessment of Micheal Jon Carter as a little harsh.

He's a pitchman that only does heroic deeds to burnish his own recognizability. In an age where Twitter and Instagram follower counts are a thing for some people to envy, we need a superhero series who'd obsess over how many faves and retweets his exploits get.

Even at his worst, in the early issues of the first volume of Booster Gold, Booster clearly cared about "doing the right thing." He'd just be sure that he maximized the profit return on that behavior. That's not being a jerk. That's being human.

Is it a hero's job to rescue every cat stuck in every tree? That may be ideal moral behavior, but is it rational? Or possible? An omnipotent alien like Superman may have the resources to catch every purse snatcher and still help little old ladies across the street, but a Booster Gold has to eat and pay bills. Everyday heroes like policemen and firemen are paid for doing their jobs, so why should we expect "super" heroes to do their work for free?

What Narcisse and I do agree on is that Booster Gold is imperfect, just like you and me. That's what makes him interesting, and that's why we need more Booster Gold in 2015.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Dressing Up for New York Comic Con 2012

I know you were waiting for cosplay pics from last week's New York Comic Con 2012. So here they are.

This picture was found at A man, his machine... It looks like there's love in the air. (Yes, we did meet this fellow earlier this year.)

The second picture of Bare Midriff Booster, Mister Miracle, Dr. Fate, and Bare Midriff Beetle comes by way of (which credits its pic to by Steven Leung at As much as I love seeing Mister Miracle, something about that mask is really giving me the creeps. But I love Booster's purse!

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Preview Justice League International #6

Did you know that Justice League International #6 will be released next week?

© DC Comics

Well, I am. Fortunately for me, Boosterrific Forum contributor CDN pointed out that has a 5-page preview of the issue. Given that Booster Gold appears on all five pages, hinting that it will be a very Booster-oriented issue, I have to say that I like what I've seen.

(And I'll like it even more if we finally get to meet the DCnU Skeets.)

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Booster Gold: Both Brave and Bold

According to a report at, Booster Gold will be an optional in-game support character for Batman in the upcoming Batman: the Brave and the Bold video game produced by Warner Brothers/WayForward for the Wii.

"When Booster flew in, the paparazzi showed up, he zapped each enemy and flew away. He's a celebrity super-hero, so that's what he does." -- Stephen Totilo for

While you will not be able to play as Booster, some Booster is better than none. Since the game is based on the cartoon, is there any chance that Booster will be voiced by Tom Everet Scott?

The game is scheduled for a September 2010 release, so you should be able to play this in between episodes of the series' third and final season. Game details are available at the official site here.

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