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Friday, April 27, 2018

Classified Information

Last month, Logan Peterson recommended that I include Guy Gardner's 1990s armor in the Boosterrific database. I've decided that Logan was right, but I haven't yet gotten around to validating and adding those issues yet. And now it looks like that will have to wait a little longer . . .

[CORRECTION 2018-04-27: Because I have to pause here and correct myself. It was José Fridman who suggested the armor. (In the same post, I noted that Logan found a Booster Gold appearance in Superman/Batman Secret Files 2003, and I somehow confused the two of them.) José has clarify his suggestion (you can read his comment below), which is even simpler than I first thought. You got it, José. I apologize for misattributing your suggestion, and I've already updated the costumes with your credit to make sure I don't forget again.]

. . . What Logan Peterson did do was find yet another Booster Gold appearance. Per his latest email:

I've been doing a fair bit of back issue hunting recently, and I've struck some Gold. Look what I found in JLA: Classified #35. I didn't see it in the database, so I wanted to bring it to your attention.

© DC Comics
JLA Classified #35, Late April 2007

That's Gold all right, Logan. How did I miss that? (Maybe it was the miscolored boots/pants!) Database updated!

And I can do one better. While checking Logan's information, I found Booster also makes a cameo in the previous issue, JLA Classified #34, alongside best friend Blue Beetle!

© DC Comics
JLA Classified #34, Early April 2007

Not coincidentally, both issues were co-scripted and co-pencilled by Booster's creator, Dan Jurgens. Also in both cases, the Booster we see is just one of billions in the alternate realities created by the villainous Red King, so neither is an in-continuity appearance. Still, it's always great to find our hero in action.

Thanks, Logan. Keep up the good work. (I promise to get to Gardner's armor eventually.)

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Whose Costume Is It

I received two emails over the weekend pointing out potential holes in the database. Thank you both so much for trying to make this website better.

Logan's email pointed me to Superman/Batman Secret Files 2003. I checked my back issues, and sure enough, there was Booster. Now the Boosterrific database is more complete than ever!

The other issue isn't quite so clear. Here's the original email from José:

Hi, I would like to ask if costumes count as appearances, like number 12 of JL 3001, where there is no appearance of Booster, but the costume does. Now, if they do, I would like to add Guy Gardner #18-21, appearing a prototype of the Booster costume.

José is talking about the power armor that Guy Gardner wore for the brief time in 1994 between the loss of his Qwardian power ring and the development of his Vuldarian shape-changing powers. That armor was designed by Ted Kord with the intention of using it to replace the power suit that Booster Gold lost to Doomsday.

© DC Comics
Guy Gardner: Warrior #18 by Chuck Dixon, Mitch Byrd, Dan Davis, Stuart Chaifetz, Albert DeGuzman

While I certainly can see where José is coming from, I'm not sure I should be tracking these. As a rule, I always track Booster Gold appearances when he is seen on panel in a comic. Those include comics that clearly show Booster's costumes whether he is wearing them or not. (The only on-panel Booster Gold "appearances" I intentionally don't track are when he is mentioned in dialog between other characters when he doesn't actually appear in the book.) Therefore, the question here is whether Guy Gardner's armor really ever belonged to or can be identified as belonging to Booster Gold.

Evidence to support José's case can be found in Justice League America #80 when Beetle says Booster's bulky Mark II armor is based on the Rocket Red armor. Beetle says the same thing about Gardner's armor, but that doesn't make them the same armor. In Guy Gardner: Warrior #18 Beetle himself calls this suit a glitchy prototype, and there is no visual evidence in any comic book that Booster Gold ever wore it.

So is José right? Should I be tracking this costume? What do you think?

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Very Old Release: Captain Atom 10

Booster booster José got in touch to tell Boosterrific of a hole in our collection of Booster Gold comics. Somehow, we missed Booster Gold's appearance in 1987's Captain Atom #10. That's a 30-year-old oversight!

© DC Comics

In our defense, Booster doesn't actually appear in the issue. What you see above is a static image of Booster (and his teammates) being reviewed on a video monitor inside the Pentagon as they discuss Captain Atom's recent addition to the United Nations-sanctioned Justice League International.

Elsewhere in the issue, news reports (and a helpful editorial box) peg the events of this issue as taking place simultaneously with those seen in Justice League International #8. So while the United States military was worrying about Booster's anti-American activities, we know our hero was busy in Paris hitting on (and being shot down by) Catherine Cobert, the administrative head of the local JLI Embassy. It's a small DC Universe!

Thanks for the spot, José. Follow his lead, Boosterphiles; if you see Booster somewhere and you don't think Boosterrific knows it, you can always drop a tip via the site's Contact form.

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Booster Gold by Jose Luis Molestina

Last year, artist Jose Luis Molestina committed to drawing a DC Comics character a day. This was his Booster Gold:

Booster Gold by Jose Luis Moelstina

You can find more of his sketches on

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Molten Man is Gold, Too

There's something charming about today's fan art of B-List DC super hero Booster Gold versus B-List Marvel villain Molten Man. Maybe it's the fact that I'm left wondering how many readers who have read enough comics to be familiar with these two characters still draw in crayon?

Booster Gold vs Molten Man

The above action pose comes to us from Jose Ramiro. You can see more of his diverse (and oddly suggestive) work on

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