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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sul Sito di Booster Gold

I recently got my hands on the first Italian trade of Booster Gold Vol. 2. Apparently published in 2010, it collects issues #20 through #27. I have no idea why they started there — Blackest Night? — but I get a big kick realizing that "PESL" is now in print worldwide.

© DC Comics
Panel from Booster Gold Vol. 2, #23 (in Italian!)

After I noticed that some of the "bwah ha ha"s had been changed to just "ha ha"s, I decided to check the Italian dialogue against the original English publication (via Google Translate) to see if anything else had changed. My test was this line from the panel above:

Sul sito di Booster Gold, curato dal mio fan club, potrete trovare tutto quello che volete sapere a proposito del vostro eroe preferito.

In the original American edition, Booster says

The Booster Gold website, maintained by my very own fan club, will be the place to go to learn about your favorite heroes.

In this case, the Italian translation is actually an improvement.

On the site of Booster Gold, edited by my fan club, you can find everything you want to know about your favorite hero.

See what I mean? The Italians know that the only hero we care about is Booster Gold.

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