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Monday, October 15, 2012

New Eyesores For Your Toy Shelf

New York Comic Con 2012 was this past weekend, and there was plenty to see. Too bad most of it was so ugly.

Booster Gold mini-bust at New York Comic Con 2012, photo by The Blot has details on DC Collectible's upcoming Booster Gold mini-bust planned for a February 2012 release. The sculpting looks fantastic; too bad that when we finally get a Booster mini-bust from DC, I can't buy it. Giving $69.95 to DC Collectibles for that 6" bust would imply that I approved of -- or at least tolerated -- that DCnU atrocity of a costume. I don't, and I won't. (By the way, what's with that star? Is it Booster's newest logo? Ugh-ly.)

Booster Gold Heroclix at New York Comic Con 2012, photo by Russ Burlingame

Even on a 1/48 scale model, that costume looks terrible. Obviously, DCnU Booster Gold will be in an upcoming set of Heroclix as well. Fortunately, he won't be alone. Also on display at NYCC 2012 was an appropriately Heroclix-scaled version of the late, lamented Blue Beetle's Bug airship. (Now that's something that I can endorse dropping some heavy cash on!) Fly on over to Russ Burlingame's article at for more info and pics.

UPDATE 10/15/2012: has a page up detailing the dial, powers, and abilities of the Booster Gold figure to be released in the Batman set next month. The Heroclix website calls this week "Blue & Gold Week," so pay attention this week for more official news about that Blue Beetle Bug seen at NYCC.

UPDATE 10/16/2012: Action Figure Insider has complete details about the bust, including the name of the sculptor, James Shoop.

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