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Friday, March 13, 2020

That Time Booster Gold Defeated a Disease

You may have heard that there's something of a global health crisis ongoing right now. As someone with older parents, I find it a little scary, which makes it a fitting topic for Friday the 13th. What would make me feel better is a super hero who could stop a spreading disease dead in its tracks.

Which brings me to that time that Booster Gold single-handedly prevented a disease outbreak (with a little help from Skeets).

Of course, when pandemics strike the DC Universe, there's usually some super villain at work. That was definitely the case in the story "Dream of Terror" published in Booster Gold #17 (1987).

© DC Comics

Dr. Pete Babich is biologist and eugenicist obsessed with solving the problems of social inequality. Like so many bad guys, Babich considers himself a hero who believes that he alone has "the courage to do what must be done." Specifically, he means releasing a virulent, globe-spanning disease that will kill everyone he considers to be "undesirable," by which he means "poor."

To initiate his class warfare, he enlists the help of the Teen Titan Hawk. Babich has misled Hawk into thinking that the disease won't kill outright, but will instead sterilize the population. For some reason, Hawk still thinks this is a good idea.

© DC Comics

Babich's initial target? Mexicans. He might have gotten away with it, too, if the Russians hadn't gotten involved via their agent, the mercenary Cheshire. (This is an American comic, remember? With us, it's always Mexicans and Russians.)

Because of the Russians' attempt to steal Babich's creation to use for their own purposes, the evil doctor is exposed to his own disease. It works as advertised, destroying a certain undesirable human in a scene delightfully dripping with dramatic irony.

© DC Comics

It would be tragedy if Babich's engineered plague went on to kill hundreds or thousands worldwide, but this being a comic book, that's not going to happen. Especially not with Booster Gold on the scene.

© DC Comics

Everyone lives happily ever after!

I certainly don't mean to suggest that COVID-19 is the work of a super villain (or the Russians). I just find reassurance in stories about good, powerful people putting their own lives on the line to save us. In the DC Universe, they're called super heroes. In the real world, we call them health care professionals.

Stay safe, everybody. (Personally, I'll be spending the foreseeable future indoors reading comics, so it's not all bad.)

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Monday, April 18, 2016

This Day in History: Make Dove Not War

Booster Gold has never been especially lucky in love. In fact, he's never been very lucky in anything at all. But his love affairs stand out as particularly star-crossed.

While Booster has had semi-stable relationships with actress Monica Lake and Firestorm's main squeeze, Firehawk, he's just as likely to be seen striking out. Justice League International fans may recall Booster made a fool of himself hitting on Justice League Europe liaison Catherine Cobert. Superboy fans might remember the embarrassing time Booster and Beetle both failed in their desperate attempts to pick up Superboy's fellow Raver Aura. But does anyone remember that time during Invasion! when Booster Gold struck out with Dove?

As seen in a flashback in Hawk & Dove Volume 3, #1 — released 27 years ago today! — Booster decided that the middle of an alien invasion of Earth was the right time to make a move on Dove. (The heart wants what the heart wants!) Both Dove and Hawk disagreed.

© DC Comics

Awk-ward! For a Time Master, Booster Gold can have some pretty bad timing.

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Booster Gold Takes the Seahawks

I'm always particularly tickled when I see Booster Gold referenced outside the world of comic books. So you can imagine my amusement when I saw that Kissing Suzy Kolber, an satellite site devoted to NFL football, had referenced Booster Gold (and Skeets!) in an article on superhero predictions for Super Bowl XLIX.

BOOSTER GOLD: I really gotta hand it to the Seahawks– their brand integration is top notch. I don’t want to know how much the Mars company pays them for all that Skittles stuff. Gotta be boatloads of money. Plus, as a glory boy myself, I really, really dislike Pats fans. Skeets and I think the Hawks take it by 3.

Hard to doubt a pick made by a time-travelling quarterback. To read the predictions of other heroes, visit out

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Releases: TFoF:tNM #9

The cliffhanger story from Justice League International #9 is continued in today's The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #9. Bombers are on the rampage in Paris! Firestorm has transmuted the Eiffel Tower into rose petals! New Firestorms appear on every page! With so much going on, how does DC tease the issue in their solicitation text?

Don't miss this crossover with JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #9!

Oooh, Doesn't that sound exciting! At least it doesn't give much away since the JLI is on the cover and all. Certainly, it sounds better than "we care so little about Firestorm that we're going to promote it with a tie-in to a book we've already canceled."

For those of you interested in the events of this issue despite the fact that it will have Firestorm in it, you can read a 4-page preview at You gotta admit, Ethan Van Sciver's Yildiray Cinar's Booster Gold looks pretty darn good. (My fault. Van Sciver is only drawing the cover. Cinar handles interior art.)

Buy this book and... well, just buy it. There's no consoling Skeets right now.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Releases: TFoF:tNM #8

Word on the street is that next month Firehawk will be joining the cast of Justice League International. This situation could set up an intriguing love triangle as Booster Gold reignites his old flame with Firehawk despite the jealousy of a hot-headed Godiva. But DC's solicitations for today's The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #8 throw some cold water on that smoldering scenario:

Introducing the all-new Firehawk, France's own atomic defender, and Hurricane, Great Britain's officially sanctioned Nuclear Man! Meanwhile, out of the ashes of last issue's shocking climax, Ronnie Raymond and the Russian Firestorm, Pozhar, begin a long, mutual descent toward the dark underbelly of the Firestorm Protocols.

Oh, never mind. Good-bye American Lorraine Reilly, hello unknown French girl. Thanks, Flashpoint. I hated character development anyway.

Doesn't this seem a bit sudden? Every other member of the DCnU Justice League International had appeared in at least 2 other comics somewhere before joining the team's roster. Are the Firestorms of the DCnU such jerks that their supporting cast hates to stick around? Or could it be that Firestorm has no need for a woman in his own book after (*ahem*) "last issue's shocking climax" with Pozhar? Maybe Firehawk would just be in the way as Firestorm and Pozhar (*cough*) "begin a long, mutual descent toward the dark underbelly of the Firestorm Protocols"? (Not that there is anything wrong with that.)

© DC Comics

The best way to find the answers to these and many other burning questions is to pick up The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #8.

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