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Friday, June 8, 2018

Booster Gold meets My Little Pony

If you're reading this, you probably know that the Internet has a sizable contingent of DC Comics fans. It just so happens that My Little Pony also has a pretty significant online presence. It was only a matter of time before the two met.

014/366 by PonyGoddess (via

This delightful mash-up of Blue Beetle and Booster Gold as ponies comes straight from the sketchbook of Pony Goddess. They're a happy looking pair. I'll bet they'd be even happier if there was a whole team of them.

DCU-MLP Blue 'n Gold Ponies by ajremix  (via

Three generations of Blue Beetle ponies meeting Booster Gold and Goldstar ponies? Yes, please. We have ajremix to thank for such goodness.

But how would Blue pony and Gold pony interact with the rest of the DCU ponies? LadyM has that answer.

Timing is everything by LadyM  (via

Yep, that seems to cover all the bases. Thank you, Internet.

Click any of these images to see them larger in their native environment at

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Have You Seen This Woman?

I received this email this weekend:

I know this might be a long shot, but I found one (and only one!) cosplayer doing Goldstar on the Internet, and the photos also appear on your Boosterrific website.

These photos were from back in 2011 at Emerald City Comicon.

© DC Comics

I figure at this point maybe the cosplayer isn't using the costume anymore and might want to sell it. I am interested in repurposing it for use by an actress in my video series Heroineburgh. (

Any information at all on who the cosplayers might be? (both the Goldstar and Booster one from that Con).

Thanks for any help you can provide!

If anyone knows anything, send a note to

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Friday, July 10, 2015

30 Years of Sibling Rivalry

We first learned that Booster Gold had a twin sister in Booster Gold #6. It would be nearly a year before we actually met her in Booster Gold #15.

© DC Comics

Michelle Carter would eventually join Booster and travel to the 1980s where she would assume the identity of the hero Goldstar. Yet despite appearing off and on in Booster Gold stories for 29 years, we still know very little about her.

Did she go to college or play a sport? What was her job in the 25th century? The few clues we have to her past was that the first time we saw her, she was driving a stolen school bus. Would I be reading too much into it to assume that she had once been a bus driver?

I put the question to her creator, Dan Jurgens.

Yeah, you would. That, in many ways, was Michelle's starting point. Eventually, I wanted to Goldstar to become much more her own character. I remember doing a sketch-- which I can't find anywhere-- of her wearing a cloak and hood, white, of course-- and becoming much more enigmatic. Much more the opposite of the more wide open Booster.

There has been a big push lately to develop more female-friendly comic book titles. Maybe it's time for DC to put Goldstar front and center so we can finally see what makes her tick.

The True Story of Booster Gold

Everyone say thank you to Dan Jurgens for answering questions about my far-fetched speculation about his characters.

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Friday, March 27, 2015

30 Years of Embarrassment

Even by comic book standards, "Booster Gold" is kind of a funny name. In the now-classic origin story in Booster Gold #9, Booster himself tells us that the name was an accident!

© DC Comics

I always wondered if there was any real-world truth to this scene. Was Goldstar the original working title for Booster Gold? Did Booster Gold creator Dan Jurgens flub the pitch to DC executives, resulting in a "Booster Gold" comic instead of the intended "Goldstar" comic? For the answer, I went straight to the source and asked Jurgens directly. In a nutshell, the answer was "no." Here's what he said:

I was really hooked on "Booster Gold" right from the start. I liked the way it rolled off the tongue and, more importantly, touched on two aspects of his character:

1) "Booster" signifies both the concept of stealing something (to boost a ring, for example) as well as the the self-promoting aspect of it.

2) "Gold" clearly pertained to his quest for star status and money.

In other words-- it fit!

There's only one Booster Gold. Accept no imitations.

The True Story of Booster Gold

Thanks to Dan Jurgens for indulging my quest to document every little thing I can about the history of the original Corporate Crusader.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Equal Pay for Equal Play

Given that Goldstar was created to be Booster Gold's sidekick as a merchandising opportunity, it seems a shame that DC hasn't made any Goldstar action figures. TitanTrap Customs is picking up DC's slack:

Goldstar by TitanTrap Customs

It's too late for you to bid on this eBay custom Trixie Collins Goldstar figure, but that's my fault. I didn't find it until the auction had ended. But you can see it and more customs on TitanTrap's Facebook page.

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