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Friday, October 3, 2014

Gold Exchange: Booster Gold: Futures End #1

Believe it or not, the last time I ran a post about a new Russ Burlingame "Gold Exchange" column was July 12... 2013! Thankfully, Russ hasn't forgotten us Booster Gold fans. Russ put the hard questions about Booster Gold: Futures End #1 to Dan Jurgens earlier this week:

Burlingame: So, if you can many Boosters are there in the DC Universe at the moment?

Jurgens: As far as I'm concerned there are two. The younger version from the New 52 and the older version from the pre-Flashpoint DC Universe.

That's pretty clear! Except, how did "our" Booster end up wearing New 52 A.R.G.U.S. armor? And which Booster was in All-Star Western? And what really happened at the end of Booster Gold #47? Okay, so maybe not as clear as I was hoping. Maybe Jurgens was a little more expansive when he spoke to Vaneta Rogers yesterday:

Rogers: Anything you can say about the next time we see Booster?

Jurgens: Unfortunately, I can't. But there's obviously more to come. It certainly safe to say that there are all sorts of elements in the Booster Gold: Futures End issue that hint at a lot of big stuff looming right around the corner.

Well, that only opens more questions. What does "right around the corner" mean? April? It took 2 years to touch on the events in JLI Annual, and none of that is remotely resolved yet. Not a great precedent.

I recommend that you read the rest of the interviews (Burlingame at and Rogers at and draw your own conclusions.

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Gold Exchange: All-Star Western #21

Russ Burlingame doesn't let us down. Even though Booster's appearance in All-Star Western #21 lasted only a few pages in a book published a few weeks ago, Burlingame persevered in grilling writer Justin Gray about Booster for the latest "Gold Exchange" column: The five-page preview that went live a couple of days ago pretty much captures Booster Gold's involvement in this issue. Will we be seeing more of him sooner or later?

Justin Gray: We're discussing Booster's potential involvement in a future issue.

More Booster Gold to come in the Old West? Let's hope that Booster has recovered his memory by then. There's a villain out there named Romeo Booster owes a little comeuppance!

As always, you can read the rest of the interview at

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Friday, May 31, 2013

Gold Exchange: All-Star Western #20

Russ Burlingame questions All-Star Western #20 co-writer Justin Gray in his latest "Gold Exchange" column at Is a real explanation for what the heck is up with Booster forthcoming? It seems weird to me that he remembers Blazing Saddles and yoga pants, but not how his force field and flight ring work. Almost like the missing information was strategic...

Gray: I'd imagine based on his return that there will be an explanation, however that's not our story to tell. For me on a creative level and as a fan it is fun to me that there exists a universe where there can be random or seemingly random events contained within the very clear machinations of larger storytelling. With All-Star there's this sense of, I guess the random insanity of the first Hangover movie. Instead of a bunch of guys getting sucked into the world of Las Vegas, they get sucked into the world of Jonah Hex's and the ride is often more important and exciting than the destination.

... Since you guys have made it no secret Booster is going to take Jonah to the present/Jonah's future, setting these guys up as a threat in the third part of the story kind of begs the question: What implications does that have?

Gray: In an attempt to channel Matt Smith's Doctor Who I give you the following and playfully snarky response: I see you're anticipating possible plot courses. I'd advise against that. That's the funny thing about time travel. Nothing ever truly happens in a straight line. Straight lines are boring. I'll take a nice wavy line or some loopty loops any day.

Gray sounds like someone who is enjoying playing with the sandbox of the DC Universe. As always, you'll find more in the full interview at

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Gold Exchange Doubletalk with Justin Gray

Justin Gray must feel pretty loved right now. He was interviewed by both Russ Burlingame at and last week about All-Star Western #19.

Vanetta Rogers interviewed both Gray and his co-writer, Jimmy Palmiotti, for The focus of the interview is very much on Palmiotti and Gray's plans for the future of the series (which has been losing more than 500 readers each month for some time now, currently down to under 17,000 per month and fast approaching cancellation). But there was still some room for some Booster news.

Newsarama: How did All-Star Western end up being the spot where Booster Gold would return to DC Comics?

Justin Gray: We needed to shake things up. Booster is the only time traveler operating currently in the New 52, and his story is that of a man hurtling through time for reasons unknown. He's not fully aware of the reasons behind this and so it felt like a great opportunity to pair him with Jonah Hex in a way that would get people talking about All-Star Western.

Palmiotti: We constantly like to keep All-Star Western on the cutting edge story-wise and loaded with ideas that we think really challenge the characters. Getting to be the book that reintroduces Booster again was even cooler for us. Once again we get a chance to turn more people onto the book, and that is a win-win situation for us on all counts. The crew at DC and our editors have been working long and hard on making this happen for us and we think we have a story that lives up to any hype we might have out there.

Meanwhile, at the New Look Russ Burlingame resurrected his "Gold Exchange" column to put some questions to Gray, who genuinely appears to be a big Booster Gold fan. There are few characters more entwined with the DC Universe than Booster, at least as he's been depicted in the recent past. His future is totally dependent on the "history" that unfolds in our titles every month. Hex is at the other end of the spectrum; his life would be only minimally impacted if Superman never had his coming-out party. Do you think that makes an exploration through time with these two particular characters even more interesting than the average mismatched duo?

Gray: Hex takes everything as it comes with an angry scowl and hand on his gun approach. I think any time you put characters together that are dissimilar, with very pronounced view points, methods and ideologies that you're going to have a good time.

A lot of times you have such similarities in characters that they become swappable costumes. I believe Booster being around Hex actually makes him more heroic in ways that would be overlooked and sometimes overshadowed by standing in a crowd with other heroes. He is essentially the only pure hero in the book at this time.

In both interviews, Gray sidesteps questions of how Booster got to the past and where he will be going next. It looks like readers will have to pick up All-Star Western #20 next month for more answers!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gold Exchange: Jurgens on TV

If you want news about Dan Jurgens, Russ Burlingame is the journalist to get it for you. Last week, he posted Jurgens' immediate reaction to the news that Booster Gold may be headed to SyFy on The description given to The Hollywood Reporter feels a bit more like the original Booster Gold run, playing down the time travel aspect outside of just the origin story and playing up the "saving today to ensure a better tomorrow" part. You've been pretty heavily invested in both volumes; what take would you run with if you had to submit a pilot script to Syfy?

DJ: For a general audience, the pattern of Booster Gold Volume One probably fits best. The book that Geoff Johns, Jeff Katz and I did was a little more "inside baseball", if you will, keying on cool moments in DC's history. Plus, when you look at Booster's original concept, which is being both hero and fame whore, well, I think that seems even more tuned in with our world today than it did when I first created him. I think that tanslates quite well to TV.

Geoff picked up on much of that with his script to Smallville– dancing girls in every episode!

Seems to me there's a great deal there to work with.

If it's good enough for Booster's creator, it should be good enough for the rest of us!

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