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Friday, September 9, 2016

Booster Gold Movie to Stand Alone

On Wednesday, Abraham Riesman reported the following for

"As of right now we have no connective tissue to those worlds," [Greg] Berlanti said when asked if the movie would be part of the DC Extended Universe that already includes Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Suicide Squad .... "It'd be a separate thing."

Berlanti also indicated that the movie is an extension of the Booster Gold TV show abandoned by the SyFy network in 2012. He gives credit to Geoff Johns for rolling that canceled project into a theatrical movie. Johns recently told the Wall Street Journal that he is trying to make the cinematic DC Universe less "gritty and dark." (I think I owe Geoff Johns a drink.)

Back to the original topic: the Booster Gold movie is currently planned to be a stand-alone story with no connection to the larger Warner Brothers cinematic DC Universe. Whether you think that is good news or bad news probably depends on whether you're one of the people who helped Batman v Superman make $872 million.

Let's find out where Booster boosters stand.

This week's poll question: How do you feel about the Booster Gold movie not taking place in the Warner Bros DC Extended Universe? Please visit the Boosterrific Polls page to view results for this week's poll.

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Friday, June 3, 2016

Booster Gold's Conspicuous Absence

Today is a red letter day in the history of Booster Gold publications!

  1. 336 days between Superman #124 and Chase #4 (Apr. 1997 to Mar. 1998)
  2. 303 days between Bat-Mite #4 and now (November 2015 to present)
  3. 302 days between Martian Manhunter #24 and JLA: Our Worlds At War (Sept. 2000 to July 2001)

DC has just started another reboot Rebirth where it is implied that a character existing outside of DC history has changed history for his own ends. It seems almost every character in the current DCnU has made an appearance, but so far, there's no sign of Booster Gold or Waverider or any of DC's other Time Masters. Isn't this scenario exactly what they are supposed to be preventing?

Geoff Johns is the Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics who publicly professes an affinity for Booster Gold. Yet, whenever the big events happen under Johns' watch, Booster is nowhere to be seen. Why is that?

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Monday, March 28, 2016

Crazier Things Have Happened

This past weekend at WonderCon, DC Comics unveiled many of their plans for Rebirth. Although Ted Kord will be returning to mentor Jaime Reyes, there was no hint that we'll be seeing a Booster Gold comic anytime soon.

At least no obvious hint.

© DC Comics

That's Gary Frank's cover to DC Universe: Rebirth, the one-shot book written by Geoff Johns that will be launching the Rebirth event. If you're familiar with Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel frescoes, you'll recognize Superman's pose as he reaches out to touch the hand of god. A contributor to Comics Amino thinks he knows who that god will be.

Who could the character that ties directly to rebirth and is manipulating things behind the scenes be?
A being who is apart of the time stream itself and has the knowledge of the past, present and future and can monitor any activity within the time stream.
I think Waverider Booster will be the key to everything.

It may be wishful thinking on my part, but I'd like to believe this commentator (who posts under the pseudonym "Booster Gold"!). Part of his argument is based on an exchange between Johns and Booster Gold creator Dan Jurgens at the "DC All Access Live: DC Universe Rebirth" panel at WonderCon.

If you fast-forward to about 34:50 in the video above, Dan Jurgens will be introduced as the writer who will be returning the post-Crisis Superman to Action Comics in June. He will conclude the interview with this exchange with Geoff Johns:

Johns: There's also a character in there that will tie directly to Rebirth, and some of the stuff that you're playing with is long term for the story we're building. It's really exciting.

Jurgens: Right, exactly. You'll certainly see more of that right in the first issue as we see someone manipulating things behind the scenes putting everything in its place, and it's building to quite a big conclusion.

Last week Johns told Booster Gold fans that big things are coming and we're going to be happy, and now Jurgens is teasing some time-manipulating puppet-master responsible for restoring portions of the post-Crisis DC Universe. Is the reason we haven't seen Waverider since Convergence because he's been busy fixing the DCnU?

So, Booster Gold in Rebirth? Who knows. It could all just be a coincidence or wishful thinking. After all, DC teased that Booster would play a significant role in both Infinite Crisis and Futures End, and neither of those came to pass. However, I'd rather stay positive and hope for the best. Isn't that what a rebirth is all about?

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Johns Says Yes, Snyder Says No Kidding

Russ Burlingame caught Geoff Johns on the red carpet opening for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and asked him about Booster Gold. This is what Johns said:

"You'll see [Booster Gold] very soon, and there's talks about ... there's actually a lot of plans for Booster Gold, one of my favorite characters. But yeah, Booster Gold fans, you will definitely be happy with what we've got coming up in the years ahead."

Years? Hmm. That seems like a long timetable, but at least Johns hasn't forgotten who Booster Gold is. Visit to read what Burlingame thinks this could mean for our hero.

On a very related note, the New York Daily News released an interview on Monday with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder. Asked why he recast the Flash for his movie to exclude the television version, Snyder said the tone of the television show is "not our world." Interviewer Ethan Sacks clarified the comment for his readers:

Simply put, [television's Grant] Gustin's Barry Allen smiles way too much to be allowed in the same Hall of Justice as Ben Affleck's Batman.

Snyder is the man behind the helm of the two upcoming Justice League movies scheduled for release over the next few years (perhaps tying in to Johns' Booster Gold timetable?), but if the only kind of movie he is willing to make is so serious that humor is strictly verboten, I have to hope that Booster Gold and Blue Beetle will never make an appearance in them.

As a Blue and Gold fan, I'm not going to be happy if Booster finally shows up in the DC cinematic universe only to have to experience the events of Countdown to Infinite Crisis all over again.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Putting a New Hamster on the Rumor Wheel

This time last week, I was telling you not to get too excited about the possibility of a Booster Gold movie. Tim Clodfelter of the Winston-Salem Journal agrees. He thinks you should be getting excited about the possibility of a Booster Gold television show.

[At the Television Critics Association] I asked Geoff Johns, the chief creative officer of DC Comics, about the possibility of even more shows based on DC Comics titles, including "Booster Gold," about an opportunistic adventurer from the future who travels back in time to modern day to use his knowledge of history to change current events and make a quick buck in the process ([Johns:] "We're talking about Booster Gold, he's a big character for us, all the time")... .

Investigative reporting? Wishful thinking? Who knows.

Read the rest of Clodfelter's Top Five bits of more geek-friendly news reports from last week's TCA meetings, including a DC property more likely to be coming to a television near you, at

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