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Monday, September 20, 2021

Appetite for Destruction

The full slate of DC December solicitations came to us over the weekend, and it looks like Booster Gold fans will have something new to read.

© DC Comics

Written by DAN JURGENS
Art and cover by RYAN SOOK
ON SALE December 21
Blue and Gold Restoration is open for business! Only issue is, our duo is falling apart while their waiting room is packed to the brim with mostly illegitimate problems. Now Omnizon, self-appointed ruler of Earth, is here to sentence Booster and Beetle to death for disobeying her royal rule of the land. It'll take a friend from the future to save their present and prevent a PR nightmare that could close their operation for good!

If that teased, death-defying cover is any indication, it sure looks like our "friend from the future" is none other than Rip Hunter, Time Master! Hooray!

Also coming in December:

© DC Comics

Written by TOM KING
Art and cover by GREG SMALLWOOD
ON SALE December 28
Christopher Chance is a man on a deadline and working to solve a crime that might be unsolvable. Despite his better judgment, he's falling for his lead suspect, and her violent ex-boyfriend isn't happy about it. Oh, and that ex? He's a Green Lantern.

I don't have any idea what Booster Gold has to do with this series, and I remain completely unenthusiastic about Tom King putting words in Booster's mouth again. (Keep your hands off my hero, Tom!) But I can't be mad at Greg Smallwood's cover. I promise to try to reserve judgement until I get it in my hands this December.

You can find a complete list of solicitations, including the previously discussed One-Star Squadron, at

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Friday, August 27, 2021

Better Late Than Never

Two weeks after delaying Blue and Gold #2 with no notice, DC has finally admitted to supply chain issues causing slippage in publication dates. Per Chris Arrant's report at

DC has now revised the release dates for 28 upcoming single issues, along with five collected editions. Although this is the initial list, DC's spokesperson says the company does "expect further shifts in the future. DC will communicate these moves clearly and quickly."

Two of those 28 issues are Blue and Gold. Issue 2 is now scheduled for September 7, and the release of issue 3 has been postponed to September 28. Given the language of DC's notice, I won't be surprised if those dates don't slip as well.

(Not appearing on that list of 28 issues are Infinite Frontier #5 or Teen Titans Academy #6, both of which were originally announced to be available this week but failed to make that date. So are those books slipping for other reasons? Or is the problem already worse than DC wants us to think it is?)

I'm prepared to be tolerant, DC. Just keep us posted, ok? As any marriage counsellor will tell you, communication is key.

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Monday, August 16, 2021

One in a Million

Booster booster Rob Snow writes to say

I don't think there's a Blue and Gold coming out in November, according to the solicits.

A thorough search of gamesradar's listing of "November DC Comics revealed: A whole lot of Batman" — ain't that always the truth? — proves Rob right.

Last we heard, Blue and Gold #4 (of 8) is currently scheduled for a October 19 release, so we would have expected to see Blue and Gold #5 the third week in November. But as we learned last month, both Kevin Maguire and Dan Jurgens will be assisting on art duties for issue 4, and perhaps that's the reason for the delay on issue 5. This wouldn't be the first time a book's release schedule had to be revised to accommodate an artist (or three).

Oh, well. Better late than never. Thanks for the alert, Rob.

While Booster Gold shows up nowhere else in DC's November solicitations, he will be appearing in the upcoming new edition of the DC One Million Omnibus, which expects to be selling by May 3 (as reported by

The 1,000+ page 2022-edition of the Omnibus will sell for around $100, which may seem a bit steep for a reprint of Booster Gold #1,000,000. But Booster Gold one million is the first appearance of Peter Platinum.

© DC Comics

There's never enough Platinum to go around!

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Monday, June 21, 2021

Coming Soon: Blue and Gold 3

DC released September solicitations last week to give readers this tease for Blue and Gold issue 3:

© DC Comics

story by DAN JURGENS
art & cover by RYAN SOOK
ON SALE September 21 · $3.99 US

The million-dollar debut of Buggles! Booster Gold and Blue Beetle go...broke?! Ted Kord's secret is out: the heir to the Kord Industries fortune has been cut off and cut out of his family's company! Now the duo needs all the help they can get to fight off the Omnizon's attack and set up their new business. Who can possibly save the guys from themselves? Meet the newest member of Blue & Gold...BUGGLES!

So who is this "Buggles"? Judging from the art, it sure looks like Ted is building his own robotic sidekick. Finally, a playmate for Skeets!

But that name.... Sure, the Blue Beetle has always had his Bug, but....

All children of a certain generation will remember that The Buggles were the rock group featured in the first video ever played on MTV. It was a fitting choice, as the video's song, "Video Killed the Radio Star," is about the inescapable march of progress as the future eats the past. I'd say that's a fitting theme for any Booster Gold story. Dan Jurgens has always had a keen instinct for pop-culture references. I wouldn't put such a sly wink past him.

Am I reaching? I'm sure we'll find out more in September. In the meanwhile, you can see the original solicitation at

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Friday, May 28, 2021

Coming Soon: Blue and Gold 2

DC's August solicitations are out this week, and we've gotten our first glimpse at Blue and Gold issue 2:

© DC Comics

story by DAN JURGENS
art & cover by RYAN SOOK
ON SALE August 17 · $3.99 US

Who needs the Justice League anyway? Our heroes certainly don't! After a painful rejection from the DC Universe's team of a-list heroes, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle strike out on their own. Thanks to the Kord Industries fortune, anything is possible for this dynamic duo…right? Little do they know, an alien assassin seeking revenge places Blue and Gold in her crosshairs, and The Omnizon never misses!

The only bad news is that it looks like this is probably the only place we'll be seeing Booster Gold in August. (I think he'll be showing up — very briefly — in a Birds of Prey collection solicited for late September, but that's four months away. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.)

You can see all the solicitations yourself at

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